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Treasure Quest Auto Get All Hidden Roblox Script

3 years ago
Treasure Quest Auto Get All Hidden Roblox Script

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About Treasure Quest:

I love it, Looking through the pictures and mini trailers of the game I knew it was going to be promising but it was WAY more than just that. The art is stunning and the lore is so intriguing and rich, honestly couldn’t ask for more out of this game. I love the fact that with each choice you make it’s going to affect in in some way or another not to mention you mostly have to be wise with your choices which I just love! 100% Recommend it for those who enjoy multiple ending games, Love to read, and enjoy having yourself immersed in the game itself.

Game is great. Good writing, great worldbuilding, consistent rich art, and progression mechanics that reward intelligent play over repeated runs. You have to play the game at least 4 times to experience the different endings– though the devs do allow you to have an accelerated start if you want to skip part 1 or 2 and focus on the endings once you made it to part three.

It’s honestly like no other text adventure game I’ve played. It’s thought-provoking, well-written, and beautifully drawn. The OST alone has inspired me on my own creative pursuits and bade me to share the experience with others. (A shame not a lot of the music is on youtube; thanks spotify!)

Personally I feel the game has a lot of replay value (and is, in fact, meant to be replayed). For this next bit, some background: I beta tested the Time of Creation update when it came out and got some save file corruption. After having cleared the corrupted data, I was left feeling rather empty. All my hard work, progress, tarot cards and animal masteries had just been wiped clean off the slate. Yet I found that going back without that safety net of all the elemental bonuses from my lifetime progress was refreshing; if anything, it had renewed my love for the game.

Maybe someday someone’ll write a tabletop rpg for this game so I can keep reliving this world in different forms. Heck, maybe that person might even be me. (Don’t count on it)

But until then, I’ll eagerly await the next installment from Dreaming Door. May you be blessed.

How to run Treasure Quest roblox script / Exploit /Code / Hack and cheat

  1. Download The Exploit (How To Download Guide)
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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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