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Tapping Mania Auto Click , Auto Rebirth , Farm Gems Roblox Script

3 years ago
Tapping Mania Auto Click , Auto Rebirth , Farm Gems Roblox Script

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About Tapping Mania:

I’d like you all to know that this review is coming from someone that never played the classic titles upon beating this game. Thanks for understanding.

So, I like to say that as i have beaten the main game with all characters including Mighty and Ray i think i have the right to write a review based on Sonic Mania. Upon starting up the game i didn’t know what i was getting into expect for knowing that Green Hill and Chemical Plant Zone were going to be in the game knowing that they are memorable video game levels. But after beating the game five times. Every stage i played were all memorable and all had fun gimmicks to accompany them. A personal favorite of mine that isn’t Green Hill or Chemical Plant was HydroCity zone which made me go “jolly they made a water level fun!”

So, our playable line of characters are:
Sonic- Everyone favorite Sega Mascot who basically plays the same in the other games but with this game they have the ability to do a dropdash which i didn’t use much to be fairly honest.

Tails- The two tailed fox who has the ability to fly which is basically the easy mode of the game if i want to be honest and are just a reskin of Sonic but they can fly

Knuckles- A echidna who can glide and climb on walls who is the hard mode of the game given that he also has a reduce jump height other thing to know is that parts of the level is unique to Knuckles which adds something new to the table

Mighty- A armadillo that can do a ground pound which plays the same as sonic

Ray- A flying squirrel that can glide but with enough downforce can go back up to gain height as a way to fly

The Level Design:

The level design of Sonic Mania is something that i enjoy for the most part since levels are meant to be replay to find new routes and find all the hidden special stages that are hidden in each zone. During my five different playthroughs i always found new routes that i never found back in my first playthrough thanks to what the character brought to the table or just pure curiosity that came across my mind.

The music is something that i enjoyed to the fact that its hard to choose a personal favorite. I love the new remixes of old tracks like Green Hill Zone Act 2 and Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 which I should also mention that I enjoy how each act of a zone has different music but are yet familiar to keep in check with the tone and setting of the zones.Why I give it a 10/10? My reasoning is that this is one of the games that I played and i enjoyed it so much that I want to come back to it which is my personal favorite classic sonic game as of now. Despite the game not being a 2021 title I think this is my goty even though this was made back in 2017.You’re all welcome to critique this review since this is the first time I’ve ever considered giving any game a serious review.

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