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Privacy Policy

We respect your right to privacy, checkout our privacy policy below.

Worldofpcgames respects your rights to privacy and we assure you that, the informatproton collected during using our site will be kept strictly confidential. This informatproton collected is and will be used solely to further improve the user experience. Worldofpcgames do not share, rent, sell or distribute your informatproton to a third party with the exceptproton of legal purposes.

Informatproton Collected

Worldofpcgames securely holds the users data in order to process purchase orders and provide account logins so as to access their purchases. The stated data may be stored for each registered user of our site:

  • Your account’s email address.
  • Your account’s password, which is stored using single-way hashing and encryptproton.
  • Your first-name and last-name, as supplied during the registratproton process.
  • Your browser version, type, user-agent and referring sites.
  • You can receive this copy of informatproton by asking us in the contact form

Worldofpcgames does not store or collect informatproton such as credit cards, payment details or address.

Usage Of Collected Informatproton

The data collected at Worldofpcgames is usually used to provide a service requested by user, such as purchase info and customer support. With the user’s permissproton, Worldofpcgames also may periodically use their emails to contact the users about site announcements, promotprotons or services updates. However, users may choose to unsubscribe to these emails at any time. Moreover, Worldofpcgames may also use your emails to contact you for customer support and inquiries. If you wish to ask for your data collected by Worldofpcgames, you can always request for it on the contact page.

Worldofpcgames does not collect data other than listed above, therefore we request you to ask for specified informatproton only.

Cookie Policy

Worldofpcgames does not use any cookies, because there is no actual registratproton on the site. Users with their emails can simply post comments and contents without the need of registratproton. However, third party links / scripts may use cookies to collect your data. The collection of this data is only to improve the user experience, nevertheless you can still stop cookies form collecting your data by disabling this feature in your browser. On Worldofpcgames, majorly cookies are used from advertising companies such as Google Ads for better content delivery.

Do We Use Other Cookies?

Some of our pages may use additional or different cookies to the ones specified above. If so, the detailed report can be provided in the particular cookie agreement notice for that specific page.

How To Manage Cookies

You can control the cookies by deleting them if you wish. For details on the usage and blockage of cookies please refer to You have the ability and functproton to delete all the cookies present on your device, and in fact most browsers have the ability to prevent sites from generating cookies in your computer. If you wish to not use any cookie from Worldofpcgames, please configure your browser to do so. However, certain functprotonalities may not work properly if the cookies are turned off.

Worldofpcgames has the right to edit / change the above policy at any time. Any changes brought in the above policy are active as soon as they are updated and posted. Users of Worldofpcgames agrees to review this policy regularly and be aware of any alteratprotons made. Users acknowledges and agrees the above stated policy by continual use of Worldofpcgames.

This page was last update on 23 May 2018.