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Mining Champions Auto Farm Gui Roblox Script

3 years ago
Mining Champions Auto Farm Gui Roblox Script

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About Mining Champions:

This sequel to GEO improves on its predecessor in almost every way while retaining the basic charm and game-play loop that made the original game so entertaining.

As with the first game, 99% of this game is endlessly drilling down to reach the core of various planets. You start with a crappy drill that can barely dig soft earth and you have literally a dozen different ways of upgrading it, both directly and indirectly. First of you, you can upgrade both the drill head and drill body, improving hit points, power, speed and elemental resistances, but you also upgrade your corporation and personnel, both of which improve your drill as well.

And that’s not all! Every person in your corporation– humble laborer, engineer, scientist or 80’s businessman– gains experience and can be upgraded 3 times, as can the building your corporation is in (it can be built higher) and even the very rooms in it can be upgraded. The rooms!But wait there’s more! In addition to all that, your basement houses a Coretorium which is literally a metallic skill tree. Each world you conquer gives you core tokens, and you can use these to buy Coretorium skill upgrades such as acid resistance or +3 speed.

Finally, to upgrade your drill itself directly, you need to collect tiles and items. These are liberally sprinkled on each planet, so every single second you are acquiring something to help you either directly or indirectly improve your drill. It is a game you can’t lose as long as you don’t mind grinding your way down to the core of a planet. I don’t mind it all and thus give this game two thumbs up!

( Note: to acquire rooms you need research points, and these are easily obtained by drilling various colored squares as you descend through each planet. The game nicely keeps track of your research with a green colored bar on the upper right side of the screen.)

Very fun and addictive Game. I’m almost done now and if you love grinding gameplay this is for you. Also the art style and puns are superb.
The deveoper seems to listen to feedback, so here are some Quality of Life things that could be improved.
– Make the Contracts Screen accessible from HQ. If you are tying to complete contracts and always have to go to the Map just to see what you need next, it gets a bit annoying.
– Make the Astrology Screen searchable.

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