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Rogue Lineage Shrieker Roblox Scripts

3 years ago
Rogue Lineage Shrieker Roblox Scripts

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About Rogue Lineage:

in brief: this game is, indeed, pretty rough when you first start out. there is no getting around this reality.
if you’re a regular, ordinary-skill_level gamer like i am, please don’t let yourself get surprised by this, or suffer any illusions that your starting experience is supposed to be different somehow.
there will be times you’ll feel like rage quitting, due to dying so often and not really feeling like you’ll ever be able to “git gud.”
there are no “assist” modes to make the journey any easier, either.º

likely, the biggest “issue” contributing to this sore spot is getting used to the controls.

to that, all i can recommend is, keep at it.

cartoony as the graphics are, this game still demands your respect.

feeling dejected with my original lack of progress—because most of the time i kept dying within the first 7 screens: a circumstance which, to be fair, is likely attributable to my not knowing what the hell i was doing—i hung up my boots for a few months. i think i decided to give rogue legacy 2 a second chance and re-started my journey in.. ..may? june?
shortly thereäfter, there was the pizza mundi update that reset all progress.
well.. a testament to how engaging this experience is: having started from scratch, and still being heckin’ rusty with the gehmpleigh, i still managed to claw my way back up in what might be considered a relatively-short amount of time—considering i am just an “average”-skilled gamer—and now my castle is (as of august 2nd, 2021) level 950.
now 6 in too — though i am very much feeling the heat, and i do of course still fail runs on a few rare occasions (not counting the losses i incur due to the, uh, “bonus curses”)

i suppose, if i had anything to comment about right now, which jump out at me, regarding ‘areas of opportunity’:
– i wish there were a few more enemy types to push around (or, maybe more aptly, to push me around) — having randomly watched (on july 31st) supergreatfriend’s 2013 demo of rogue legacy he has on youtube, i spotted some adversaries there that could easily make their return
– i worry there might not be enough around to accrue, up through the eleven
(don’t tell me about the {L.o.L.} — you have to be a madman, or a true professional, to conquer all those, besides the two “starters,” without scads of to assist!)
– i wouldn’t be mad, if there were a few more new items released, to spend gold on
(no — i don’t wanna keep pumping my money solely into my castle)
– please add rumble support!!
– unless this “quality of life” mechanic isn’t within the spirit of the game, i’d love being able to interact with our map more: like, being able to place markers on spots we want to make note of; i would not mind having to earn this ability with gold, if need be

beyond these points, this game, rogue legacy 2, is heckin’ solid.
i have no problems declaring it one of the natural successors to castlevania: order of ecclesia, considering how rl2 has no qualms in squashing you — and it certainly won’t go about holdin’ your hand either

and now that i’ve a better idea of what the first entry in this series is like, there is a much stronger possibility i’ll buy that too — i didn’t know how charmingly-jank its graphics are.
(sorta, incidentally, in the vein of castlevania: circle of the moon

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