One Punch Man™ Reborn Hide Name, Farm Roblox Scripts

2 years ago
One Punch Man™ Reborn Hide Name, Farm Roblox Scripts

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About One Punch Man™ Reborn:

Clunky gameplay, you just have to counter all if you wanna win.
Priced too high for a game that is almost unplayable.
Has Input lag like hell.
Not sure why everyone takes a nap after getting down. Its like hit the enemy and they take a nap, you get hit, well you can do the same too lol. No idea what the devs were thinking when making this game!! Anti continuous combo system made in 10 days with brainpower of…….. well whatever not worth wasting your time in this.

Why I bought this? Well for the trailer, the characters and so I can play with my friends in the future if that is possible. But I didn’t saw any remote play together tag in it so its pure trash anyway.

The gameplay? Haha if there was anything worse than this fighting style and mechanics I would have recommended it, this is pure trash.

Let me get this out of the way: One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is not a great game. It has more than its share of issues, including:
– Clunky and awkward controls, with most moves having a delay.
– Unbalanced gameplay.
– Tons of loading screens that are even worse on modern systems than older systems.
– Pace-killing elements like tons of e-mails, tutorial screens, and redundant pop-up messages.
– Random battle elements (like meteor showers) that are more annoying than fun.
– Getting up from being knocked down VERY slowly.
– Getting stun-locked by enemy attacks where you end up spending several seconds just watching your character get knocked around and not being able to do anything about it.
– Controls that don’t seem to respond to your inputs properly. For instance, if I punch my opponent twice while he’s blocking, I will pause then hold my attack button to do a guard break, but often my character will continue the combo despite my pause, leaving me vulnerable to counter-attacks. There were also many times where I wanted to throw my opponent (done by simultaneously pressing 2 buttons) but ended up accidentally punching them instead, again leaving me vulnerable. I also can’t count how many times I was holding block and tried to dash out of range of my opponent’s charge attack, only to not have the dash register at all and end up getting hit.
– Extremely repetitive gameplay.

So if you take fighting games seriously and want a balanced, polished experience that tests your skill while offering you deep fighting mechanics, this isn’t the game for you. Having said that, I still ultimately got a decent amount of entertainment from the game and recommend it despite its many flaws.

You play the game’s main story mode with a character you create yourself. The character creator is fun to use and, more importantly, you can change any part of your appearance at any time (except your gender, which you can only change after you beat the game’s main campaign). As you progress you unlock more and more clothing and accessory options, and you are given a lot of flexibility with the accessorries in particular, allowing you to change where they are positioned as well as their size, color and rotation. Because of this flexibility you are able to create some very unique and imaginative characters. In fact, all the opponent characters that aren’t pulled directly from the show are made with the same tools and parts you have access to, and many of them serve as great examples of how to use these pârts creatively (for instance, a Kappa-like character you fight early on uses the “soccer ball” accessory clipped into his head to recreate the plate on his head that kappas are known for). Some parts are a little over-used (it’s funny the first time you fight a horse-headed opponent, not so funny the twentieth time), but overall I was impressed with the variety of wacky characters the devs created. You also eventually unlock the ability to transform into a “powered up” form during battle, which you can customize just as you can your regular form. I gotta admit I love when my dark-grey, wide-eyed, modest-framed bunny girl transforms into a larger, more muscular red-skinned bunny beast with wilder hair and a sterner expression, especially when I’m able to pull off a cinematic super-killer finishing move.

The character you create is going through the process of becoming a hero and ascending through the ranks (from C to S), just as characters from the show do. In fact, the game takes place during the first season of OPM, so you get to witness and take part in several key battles from the show, as well as build relationships with the show’s many memorable characters. Building these relationships (by doing missions linked to specific characters) is how you learn killer moves which you can assign to yourr character’s move loadout. You also learn a variety of fighting styles, each of which has many unlockable moves. In theory this gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of how you want to fight (you can pick a speedy, weapon-based style or a slow-but-more-powerful machine-based style, among many others), but I generally only experimented with each style in order to bring them each to level 5, after which I returned to the one or two styles I felt more comfortable with.

As much as I criticized the fighting mechanics, it’s worth noting that there is fun to be had on a visceral, flashy level. It is satisfying to effectively combine combos and killer moves to do a lot of damage in style, and this remains satisfying even through hundreds of repetitive fights. While there isn’t much depth to the mechanics, you do learn some strategy such as charge-attacking enemies as they get up from the ground or dashing around psychic-type opponents who are difficult to approach head-on. Many battles include optional objectives that net you extra rewards if you accomplish them during battle. Mostly these are simple tasks such as getting a minimimum of a 3-hit combo or using at least 2 killer moves, but sometimes they are more challenging such as having to beat the battle within 30% of the time limit having passed. I found these objectives added reason for me to pay at least a little bit of attention to what I was doing instead of button-mashing my way through fight after fight.

There’s also a mechanic involving support characters who are often depicted as racing to your location to help you out in your battle. Once they arrive, you can switch to that character. This will give you the opportunity to play as a possibly stronger character (especially near the beginning), try out killer moves and fighting styles you wouldn’t necessarily use with your character, and play as many recognizable characters from the show. Yes, you occasionally get to play as Saitama himself, and he’s as overpowered as you’d expect.

There are multiplayer modes, of course, but I only dabbled a little with the online features and haven’t played against any other players (I focus mostly on single-player experiences). I can’t speak for how fun it is to play with others, but the online functionality will be closing down in February 2022 so don’t bother getting this if online functionality is important to you.

In conclusion, despite its issues I enjoyed OPM:AHNK enough to not only play through the main campaign but to unlock every achievement (most of which were reasonable, but getting to level 99 was pretty grindy). I had a good time but I don’t see myself going back to play it again. While I do recommend it for some simple fun (especially for fans of the show), I would strongly suggest waiting for a big sale. The regular price seems quite high in my opinion, but I got it for 85% off (the DLC, too) and for that price I got more than my money’s worth out of it.

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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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