Ragdoll Royale New Gui Roblox Script

3 years ago
Ragdoll Royale New Gui Roblox Script

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About Ragdoll Royale:

200 character summary
Havocado is a crazy local and online brawler for up to 4 players, The game offers a lot of ways to kill your friends, if they don’t do it themself, weapons range from your fists to black hole guns.

Gamemodes & Gameplay 8/10
You can play the game Online and Locally with up to 4 players in sharescreen multiplayer, There is no progression, No experience, no unlockables. It even lacks any gamemodes next to the default infinite. It is a lot of fun tho, There are over 50 crazy weapons but also vehicles, Most maps have one or more vehicles and the controls are extremely wonky, but master it and you might win the round, if you don’t mess it up, Which is very easy to do.

The levels are pretty cool, Most of them have something special in it, Like Jetpacks, Vehicles, Or sharks that just jump out of the water, Some levels are on top of airplanes high up in the sky or on a busy highway and many more crazy locations. Crates contain weapons or powerups, Powerups can give you super jumping abilities for example, Weapons are only there to kill, There are a ton of weapons, From machine guns to snipers, Aiming is a bit hard, but that makes the game more enjoyable for everyone in multiplayer.

The goal of the game is just be the last man standing, They will add more gamemodes later on, But for now you can just launch a game, play every map in a random order and see who is the winner at the end. You can do anything to kill your friends, Literally anything, Even black holes are not too crazy. it has fairly simple controls but you can get a lot more complex with bending backwards forwards grab and lifting your arms above your head. You can wall jump higher and higher

The game does have 2 offline modes, 1 is a tutorial where everything gets explained, The little movies don’t work tho, But it is pretty obvious what you need to do. The other is Trials, here you need to complete a course within a set time limit, And these are challenging, Precise aiming is hard. And the game has no cloud save, So you can easily lose all your progress here.

Graphics & Soundtrack 7/10
The graphics are a bit low poly style with a mixed style of details. It looks rather childish and funny, And I think it fits well, The soundtrack is okay and is in the same style as the whole game. The animations could be better, So do some details, But it looks fine for a local brawler.

Performance & Support 7/10
The game runs at a great 150 – 250 fps, But it has a few issues, Tutorial movies don’t work/play for some reason, I have seen this before in games. The game crashes when a controller connects after launch, So if an extra player joins in you have to restart the game. I also had a few random crashes, which is a real bummer. But It is not that frequent that you are not able to finish games. The game is not out that long for Linux and it is still in Early Access, So I have faith they will solve these issues in the future.

Endgame & Replayability 9/10
The game has a lot of replay value, It is fairly easy to learn, The controls can be a little bit confusing, but most people are happy as long as they can jump and shoot, You could fill a lot of game nights with your friends playing this title. But the Online also makes it a great deal of fun when you are all alone. It could use a bit more content and abilities to boost the replayability.

Ofcourse the little bugs need to get fixed, But there is also a lot of room for improvements I think it has a bit Floaty controls, I have the idea I move the body around like a boat and the legs just hobble on behind it, It looks funny, But it feels a bit strange.

The game defenitely needs more Gamemodes, Teammodes, As much as possible and as crazy as possible, There are a lot of things that could be done here. The game also needs unlockables. Maybe hats or outfits, Hand them out for certain criteria or tasks, or a # of games played or something. Cloud Save is also a thing, It can save the Trial times and potentional unlockables.

Early Access
The game is still in Early Access and while it already is a lot of fun I feel it can use some more content, There are also a few issues that need to be ironed out, But it certainly is an interesting game, I will update my review if I feel a lot has changed or if the game leaves EA.

Conclusion 8/10
It is like a less wonky Gang Beasts with Online multiplayer, weapons, vehicles and a lot more content, It does have some technical issues, but it surely is a lot of fun. If you love local brawlers and don’t mind a few crashes it is certainly worth picking up, It has a lot of content, suprises and wtf moments. I hope the game will improve a lot while it is in Early Access because it certainly has a lot of potentional.

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