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One Punch Man: Destiny Auto Class Spin Script Roblox SCRIPT

3 years ago
One Punch Man: Destiny Auto Class Spin Script Roblox SCRIPT

One Punch Man: Destiny Auto Class Spin Script Roblox SCRIPT Download Free Roblox Exploits Hacks And Cheats For Roblox Games Best Roblox Codes And Scripts.

About One Punch Man:

I can definitely see why people would not  this game, because it is not without its flaws. Some of those flaws, like how over the top ridiculous some of the parts are (“Lecture Maaaaaann!”) … I chalk that up to being part of the charm. OPM is a parody, and it’s only fitting that a game based on OPM is also something of a parody. That said, some of the fighting mechanisms are rather broken, and if you go into it thinking you’re getting a “real” fighting game, you’re gonna get frustrated. Like if you get in the first hit, you can pretty much dominate an entire fight by never letting your opponent get a shot in. Similarly if you DON’T get the first hit, it’s entirely possible that you’re boned no matter how powerful your character is/skilled you are.

Ultimately I chose to play this game in offline mode, because I really am not all that interested in multiplayer/PvP. And it’s perfectly enjoyable as a single-player experience. I haven’t quite finished the story mode yet but what I’ve seen so far, it basically follows the first season of the OPM anime, retelling the same stories but with you inserted into the world. Genos is still Saitama’s disciple…but when you ask to join, Saitama makes you a disciple of Genos instead. When Sonic attacks Saitama downtown, you have the option of fighting Sonic as your own character…or you can switch to Saitama to one-punch him if you don’t want to bother. That kind of thing.

Is it worth $60? Ehhhh…I guess to me yeah because I have a disposable income, but if I only had $60 to spend on a video game, I might have gone with something else. If you’re an OPM fan, you’ll enjoy it a LOT more than you otherwise would. You’re basically paying for the ability to insert yourself into the OPM universe and experience the story from a slightly different angle than just watching it on TV.

Ultimately I’d give this game a 60% rating. I’m enjoying the experience, I don’t regret my purchase, but at the same time I completely sympathize with all those who gave it a thumbs down.

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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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