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Zenith Rifle Roblox Script

3 years ago
Zenith Rifle Roblox Script

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About Zenith :

A fun little game that has plenty of rough edges starting from a somewhat clunky combat system to a total lack of an options menu, but the story is interesting enough to make you push forward.

The story and the characters are the main reasons for you to play this game. Some of the jokes actually made me laugh out loud which is a rare thing for games these days… actually scratch that, most of the jokes made me laugh or at least have a sensible chuckle. Humor is subjective of course, I personally know a few people who love Borderlands 2 and I can’t stand most of it, so your mileage may vary.

What I liked about the writing so far is that while it has a lot of gags and filled with easter eggs, there is an actual story happening and it’s not half bad and I am curious to see what’s going to happen. The only reason I stopped playing right now is because it’s 4 AM, and even then it took some effort on my part to put the game down. I’d probably still be playing it if it didn’t release so late but i guess that’s irrelevant.

If you are here looking for a complex RPG with complex mechanics and smooth combat, then look elsewhere, the game barely does enough to be considered an RPG combat/upgrades/loot wise. It’s not bad, but I certainly wouldn’t have kept playing the game if it wasn’t a story focused experience.

Your hits lack impact and it feels like you are just swinging through your enemies, which in term just wail on you while you are trying to take them down. The game lacks some sort of stunlock mechanic I feel, if the enemies got momentarily stunned after a hit or two it would have made the whole thing a lot more satisfying otherwise it’s just a flailing competition where you just hope that the enemy runs out of HP first.

Another issue is the lack of a proper options menu, you can’t even change the sound options, that’s just inexcusable.

In closing I will say that I don’t regret the purchase, I am having a lot of fun even with all of the issues mentioned above. The game is rough, some areas of it look unprofessional as hell, but at the same time it has some beautiful areas, good (in my opinion) writing, and it costs less than some fast food I bought the other day.

EDIT: Finished the game, took me about 12-14 hours (don’t mind the time played, Steam doesn’t count offline mode time) and I will say that I think it was a good game. That said the gameplay is not good, if you didn’t get interested in the story 1.9h – you may want to get a refund, the gameplay wont get much better.

How to run Zenith roblox script / Exploit /Code / Hack and cheat

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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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