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Work At A Pizza Place Fe Music Auto Orders Roblox Script

3 years ago
Work At A Pizza Place Fe Music Auto Orders Roblox Script

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About Work At A Pizza Place:

I’d like to point out that there is a FREE version of this game available on mobile devices.

When I saw this port I was ecstatic because I thought they added a bunch of new items or upgrades to the shop, but it’s the exact same game with some glaring mistakes.

It’s just boring…I wanted so much more from the PC version of this game but it’s nothing more than a port with some modified controls.

Others may like it, but I just don’t imagine myself playing much more of it.
Get the free version. Buyers beware!!!

When I first picked up Good Pizza, Great Pizza, I had no idea how addictive it would become for me. I started by playing the Android version of it and I quickly got hooked, so I decided to try the Steam version too, which has some improvements compared to the Android one (better customer system and progression, no in-app purchases).

Put your pizza hat on, since there will be a lot of cooking happening in Good Pizza, Great Pizza. Each day, you will have to serve a number of customers (5-10 or even more, depending on your game progression) which will give you various pizza orders. These are expressed in a very fun matter, with word jokes (“mushroom pizza for this fun guy” (to be pronounced ‘funghi’)), poems, trivia bits etc; but at the same time some of them can be really cryptic. There is an option to ask for more clarification, but this comes with a price: their happiness meter will decrease and as a result your tips will be smaller. The text for the orders is usually taken from a standard list, based on the ingredients you have available at the moment; this makes it easier for you to progressively learn what they actually want when the orders are not clear from the start, so after a few in-game days you will probably have learned all the ins and outs of those “weird” requests.

The ingredients you use to make the pizzas are unlimited; however, using them costs money. It’s entirely up to you if you want to use less ingredients than recommended, thus saving some money and having a bit more profit in the end, with the consequence of customers being somewhat unsatisfied with their pizzas and giving you lower tips. Also, it’s nice that the order in which the ingredients are used does not matter: you can put the toppings first and then the sauce, but graphically they will be properly arranged in the end. On the other hand, it seems that the game expects you to place the ingredients stacked on each other, otherwise the customers will complain that the toppings are “all over the place”. This leaves no space for creativity: if you make a smiley-face pizza, you should probably expect a refund and a grumpy customer, unless the customer specifically asks you to prepare a smiley pizza. In addition to that, the ingredients have to be put in specific positions, precisely on top of each other, which is not exactly how a pizza in real life looks; in reality, customers would complain that the ingredients are not spread out, but in this game they complain that they are not stacked.

One of the nice things in this game is that you will serve one customer at a time. Say goodbye to stress of dealing with multiple orders at the same time, and possibly mixing them up all together. After you receive an order, you will sequentially prepare the pizza(s) (one customer can order multiple pizzas), put them in the oven, cut them and deliver them. Rinse and repeat a few times until the day is over.

With the money gained, you can either buy new toppings (making the orders more complex, but also earning more) or equipment upgrades that make your job easier. In that regard there’s no real management component to the game. You can buy decorations for your restaurant but you can’t buy more restaurant space or hire staff members, place tables, choose a menu etc. The decorations are purely cosmetic, they don’t have any effect on the progression. Prepare to grind a few hours in order to gather enough money to purchase all the toppings and upgrades if you’re going for 100% achievement completion.

The money you earn is directly influenced by the quality of the pizzas you make: the more ingredients you have available, the more expensive the pizzas are and the closer to perfection a pizza is, the bigger tip you earn. The rating you receive per order will also influence the amount you pay for the rent in the second part of the game. Sadly, there’s no visible indicator on how many stars each order earns you, apart from the feedback from the customer, which is not always clear. There’s a fluid scale from either having a good pizza and getting a good tip and not getting a good tip because you were too slow or didn’t put the ingredients correctly, in their expected positions.

The story is told through news snippets from the PNN – “Pizza News Network” – in an extremely amusing manner; the news will of course cover your restaurant as well as your rival’s, Alicante but also various aspects of the real world which are satirized into pizza – related news.

That’s it for today. Good pizza, great pizza!

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