Universal Studios Roblox Theme Park Halloween Horror NIGHTS Line Skipper Script Roblox script

3 years ago
Universal Studios Roblox Theme Park Halloween Horror NIGHTS Line Skipper Script Roblox script

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About Universal Studios Roblox :

loved the spooky pack , adventure pack was cool…but this pack is the best of the bunch , hands down!
Glass…we have glass now!
I built the Hollywood Tower Hotel…complete with a sort of Tower of Terror drop and as a functioning Hotel…
Kind of awesome and looking forward to more expansions! DO NOT stop at 3 like you always did for the other
coaster games…ahem…when there was just so much more to be added and people would have bought!!!

Waterparks? Animal parks? Midway games? more flatrides? More scenary and trees?
I will buy them all…

Honestly the best pack for the game so far!

This pack is filled with stuff ranging from almost all of the themes in the game that fits perfectly in a movie production / filming location. In previous packs along with pre-existing themes, we lacked the number of animatronics that resembled actors/people. In the studio pack, that void in the animatronics section has been filled.

We also have plenty of new scenery and building objects to choose from along with audio and video queues for your park.
These items ranging from your traditional backlot stuff like stages, scaffolding, film crew, to full on set pieces like a runaway train crashing or even vehicles being tossed around.

Now the best part about this pack are the new rides.
We have 3 new rides this time around with 2 of them being tracked rides and 1 being a flatride.

The flat ride called “Horror Heights” is one of the more interesting ones as it resembles “The Hollywood Tower of Terror” from Walt Disney World.
Now this ride is just the bare bones so you will need to build the scenery around it. (Which is great for creative players but may be a negative to casual players who just want to place things down, but thats what the workshop is for)

My only con about the Horror Heights flat ride is how limited the ability to change of the sequence is. You have 4 different sequences but all being very similar with little change. The reason why I am mentioning this is because this ride is meant to be for thrills but there is nothing “Thrilling” about the one in game as you stop at floors constantly throughout the ride instead of bouncing around. Having more options to allow the elevator to bounce around with make this even better.

The other 2 are track rides. The one is a transport themed around a backlot tour using tour buses with the other ride being a motion robotic arm. This motion robotic arm is extremely clever with concept as you can not only just change the Yaw-Roll-Pitch of the arm to look around but also move the arm inside of a domed projection. So if you wanted to make a 4D motion ride using projections, this is the ride for you!

In conclusion, if you are thinking about picking up a DLC for Planco but can’t decide on which one… Go with studio as you get little hints of the other 2 DLCs in here plus it’s packed with a whole bunch of interesting objects and rides to choose from.

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