The Wild West Gui, Animal And Player Hitboxes Roblox Script

2 years ago
The Wild West Gui, Animal And Player Hitboxes Roblox Script

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About The Wild West:

First impressions: Nice graphics, music and sound effects but the aspect ratio makes me believe this game was developed for tablets; even at full screen setting it does populate my widescreen monitor. This often causes some of the dialogue to be cut and with the lack of voices during cut scenes can often cause you to miss certain words.

Although the character sprites are well designed, the lack of actual customization will limit player involvement. Special skills and abilities level up as per usual with branching choices. Cover system is as per for this type of TBS game but with four levels of cover instead of just two. (ie. quarter shield to full instead of half/full) So far enemy AI isn’t too challenging for anyone with years of experience playing these games.

Overall, enjoyable and pleasing to have another Western TBS game and would be a good intro the genre.

Please note that this is an early review, as I play more I will add more. Current hours in game 3 Hours.

Let us begin with the pros:

The Game-play: Its actually quite fun, I am not a huge fan of the turn based shooter but I gave it a shot, and damn did I
have fun. I am new player to this kind of genre. Not once did I struggle to understand the game mechanics and in fact I picked it up rather quickly, the strategy is what really hooked me into the game. The AI are always trying to out flank you, or does their best to force you out of your position to expose you. I like that, since it gives me several options and strategies to out outmanoeuvred them / take them out. Its not difficult but its not a walk in the park either.

The Story: So far the story isn’t Taratino or Clint Eastwood good, but it works well enough for the game-play. You are constantly fighting in a new locations with different types of covers. The characters are interesting enough for you to want to level them up and give them the best stats possible.

Sounds: The sound is pretty good, not amazing but again does the job right. This is more of a personal opinion but I’d like them to have more of a punch. It uses a lot of the same sounds repeatedly and some diverse gun shots for the weapons would be amazing. Other than that, the footsteps and the cracking of the snow, branches sound quite realistic.

NO BUGS: Pretty self-explanatory. No audio bugs, no falling through the floor, no missing textures, little to no clipping through objects. So far so good.

Now with the Cons:

The Graphics: Look I know that this does not define the game, however its always the icing of the cake!
Its 2020 and at this point having higher resolution models as well as textures is expected. I do understand that this is an indie game however with the talent put into the other things, I have no doubt they can achieve this, so let’s see.
( But please, don’t turn yourself away from this game because of this, the game play does make it up.)
However its always a big plus.

No Voice acting!: WHAT!? The characters are interesting, with cool designs and they don’t have voices, its all silent, which really saddened me. Not even a light grunt or emotion. I hope in the future they can add some voice actors to give them more life.
The text when they ‘speak’ moves to quickly, especially when the dialog is long, sometimes I don’t have enough time to read it all!


In General I am enjoying it a fair bit, and will play more!

Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to discuss some things about the game with me.

Thank you again for taking your time in reading this and I hope this review has helped you!

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