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Teddie Simulator Auto Farm Gui Roblox Script

3 years ago
Teddie Simulator Auto Farm Gui Roblox Script

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About Teddie Simulator:

Teddy Floppy Ear – Kayaking is a cute game for the whole family. Intended for kids, i found it rather enjoyable too with the graphics and the funny dialogs. I work as a kindergarten teacher, and i could see this game at the pre-school.

The Story
Teddy is going on a picnic with his friend Piglet. Piglet is grabbing his bike and Teddy (the player) grabs a kayak.
While on the river Teddy notices that some things are wrong, and tries to help.

– Nice graphics and funny dialogues.
– Memorable and cute characters.
– Funny minigames that suits children from about 3 years and up. (Some puzzles might be tough for small children).

– I noticed some small glitches in dialogues, but its nothing big.
– Rather short adventure, aprox 1.5 hours of clear time. (But could be a good thing though for children)

A rather enjoyable little adventure even for me as adult. I can definately recommend this for folks with children.
I think they will enjoy this game.

I have started playing this game while my two-year old watches and we talk about the game and what we see. The graphics/gameplay are perfect for that. The graphics are colorful and my son loved them.

The gameplay was far too complicated for a two-year old so I skipped through some puzzles. (takes a couple minutes for an adult).

There is a donkey hiding in a bush. If you click on him he makes a “fart” noise. My two-year old thought this was hilarious and was his favorite part of the game.

Unresponsive as hell, you can’t move 2 milimeter without getting stuck having to click 100.000 times in all directions hoping to hit the small “marker” where magically your kajak does continue
– Talking to AI can be a challenge as you have to aproach them from a specific angle otherwise they don’t respond
– Buggy and unplayable

+/- The game has potential, but this is just ridiculous…

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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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