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Stay Alive And Sword Fight Serversided Map Leak Roblox Script

2 years ago
Stay Alive And Sword Fight Serversided Map Leak Roblox Script

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About Stay Alive And Sword Fight:

Honestly really great game. Beside the glitchy visuals, the game is inching closer and closer to the perfect singleplayer zombie survival game. The in-depth customisation of everything really helps build immersion and literally every playthrough you have will be different. Plus, the dev is very active and very interactive with the playerbase, you can check the discussion board and see how he responds to tonnes of people’s suggestions. I went from being a “Rick” like leader from the walking dead, to a solo survivor travelling the city in a old ambulance filled with supplies and weapons. Honestly, with a few small tweaks (Translations, Visuals, Zombie AI behaviour) this game will be perfect. It is just a matter of time.

Second is the terrible in game issues. From building not drawing in, zombies not drawing in, to falling through floors, and even falling through the map. Sometimes save files can also get corrupted. This game is in early access for a reason and there is a ton of work to do here. Combat is also clunky with animations that often don’t play. Also the grapihcs when they do draw in are ugly as hell. So why the positive reivew you may ask? Well the game actually has a full tutorial. and there is a lot of mechanics already in game as well as the NPC’s. You can explore, craft and loot, set traps, trade and fight and build. There is a lot to manage and the game has quite a hardcore feel to it, as well as many different difficulty levels to play. There is also the RPG aspects of levelling your character. I would say this game is Project Zomboid meets Fort Zombie. However it currently has a long way to go before it will be at an acceptable level for many players, but if the Devs stick to it, then for the low cost this game could be a real gem in the survival market. Only buy in the current state if you can live with a LOT of rough edges.

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