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Splash Music And Dance Auto Farm Roblox Script

3 years ago
Splash Music And Dance Auto Farm Roblox Script

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About Splash:

I’m not one to push for Steam adding a “Mixed” review rating along with Yes or No, but Battle Splash could sure use it. The game looks great but is shallow as heck and very light on content for the current asking price – I nabbed this for 50% off and would still say that was too expensive.

Bot AI is wonky, expect to be aimbotted from across the map but them not be able to hit you from a person-length away when you spam A and D. As of now, you can play through the included four maps in under an hour, unless you play each of the four game modes on all maps which *might* bump you into the early end of the three hour mark. Online matches are nonexistent apart from the very few I’ve seen set up on the official channel. Development has been rather slow, although the developer’s around often on their Discord.

Should you remove Battle Splash from your wish list? No. Keep it on there and take a peek when it hits full release, this could really go places. But if you’re hungering for an arena shooter right now, go grab one of the others this is compared to instead.

Fun arena shooter to play with friends, only with friends, and that is it.

Game is in Early Development as I’m making this review, and for a solo developer, it turned out great, but there are still some mistakes, before anything, here is a summary of pros & Cons.

Good Performance (Specially for a DX11 game).
Various weapon options (With things known as Modules that change how it plays).
Nice Graphics (apart from the character models, they look just a little good).
Still receiving updates.
Has every option that you need on the Graphics/Video Mneu.

No First Person Option (Not really necessary but would be a good addition).
Bots often friend fire the player.
God bots, even on the easiest difficult (they won’t miss a shot unless you’re moving like crazy).
Boobs (Because boobs makes everything worse).

So, apart from those elements, you can have fun, specially with friends, because the bots are no good, and they sorta seem like they prioritize you over other bots, but you cans till get plenty of kills.
Too bad I couldn’t find any servers to play on ;.;

Well, there could be some more modes, perhaps common ones, such as Capture the Flag, Gladiator, King of the Hill “Free For All” (instead of just a team), etc; more server options, such as health limit, maybe pickup special weapons; More diversity in the characters as those currently looks like a recolor of the same model.

Regardless, I’d recommend to give your support to this game and also feedback so it can grow even more, and we can play it together, this game looks like it has potential and is also safe for all ages without becoming meh.

Well, now a quick explanation and thoughts about the main sections of a game.

Pretty much what you would expect from an arena shooter.
You start with all Weapons and modules, which may seem very unbalanced at first, but as you play more, you get to understand more, and they’ll look about right.
Each character has it’s own unique weapon, the medic and Tank serves more for Team play, as their skills are to revive/heal and protect their allies.
The other 2 include locating Nearby Enemies and marking them, and a Sentry Gun.
We just need someone who becomes invisible and we’ll have the TF2 cast in 5 characters xD

I Like arena games, and this one made me have fun, so it gets a pass.

Gameplay: Good | 8/10
It’s good, but needs some improvements in some areas + more elements.

Graphics + Design
They are good, nothing exceptional, apart from the characters.
Apart from the Paper World, the other maps are vast in life/ambient, the graphics also help to give a good look, just the trees that look a little too low quality compared to everything else.

Graphics + Design: Nice | 6/10
There is a thing on the bottom that looks really weird like something you saw on old cameras/TV , it goes around Green & Purple, also the inclusion of big boobs is an automatic grade loss.

The musics are good, but way too calm, which can also make you sleepy, none the less, they’re good, but could have a choice of something more energetic, but fitting for the environment as well (aka, without being some death hardcore rock, because this isn’t DOOM :p ), maybe a happy-ish energetic song would do.

Soundtrack: Nice | 7/10
Just because they make me sleepy and doesn’t seem as much energetic as they should be.

No complaints about it, they seem to be very standard for almost every shooter game and very responsive, also I haven’t tested with gamepads, ‘cos it’s a shooter game.

Controls: Excellent | 9.9/10
There was something about them that bugged me a little, but I don’t remember what.


Well, that seems to be about it, like I said before, a great game for a solo developer, which has room for improvement and potential as well, thus why I recommend it.
Sorry that there wasn’t much to say about it, as this game was just an arena shooter with nothing much to it apart from being fun.

Hope this helps you on deciding whether on not to buy it, and also answer some of your doubts about it.

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