Shindo Life Change Real Coin Shop– Buy What You Want Roblox script

2 years ago
Shindo Life Change Real Coin Shop– Buy What You Want Roblox script

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About Shindo Life:

This review was very hard to write, because Life is Strange: True Colors is a good game. A decent entry into the series, and one I don’t particularly regret playing. But steam doesn’t give you a neutral option, so it is what it is.

The thing about Life is Strange: True Colors is that it was *just* a good game. Not great, not amazing. Barely memorable. Just good. Deck Nine went into making this game with a formula, they were obviously aware of what had happened with Dontnod’s Life is Strange 2, and they weren’t ready to repeat the same mistake. So they follow the formula, exactly. Life is Strange fans like gay girls, so there’s a scene where you get to be gay with a girl. Check. Life is Strange fans liked how Steph was a dnd nerd, so there was a section of the game where you got to be a dnd nerd. Check. Life is Strange fans like small town murder mysteries, so there’s a scene where you solve a small town murder mystery. Check. The first life is strange game had a nightmare sequence, so you know what? This one gets one too. Check. You get the point.

Where’s the problem? Well, they did the absolute minimum they needed to fulfill these points, and not a second more. You see, Life is Strange: True Colors is short. Almost 5 hours shorter than the original Life is Strange (don’t believe the listed playtime, I spent a lot of time troubleshooting a day-one graphics issue as well as replaying sections after crashes). Now, as the thoughtful and intelligent game player you are, you may note that a game doesn’t have to be long to be impactful. Art can’t be judged on size and all that, fair enough. However, Life is Strange: True Colors fails to use its short runtime effectively. You as the player feel like you’re being dragged through each scene at breakneck speed, with many scenes having just a few lines of dialogue. Here are the story important details, savvy? Now on to the next plot point. Instead of using a short runtime to make impactful commentary one one or two issues, the game makes shallow commentary on a wide range of issues, and it suffers greatly. Life is Strange: True Colors doesn’t allow you to just exist and live some moments of life as much as the first Life is Strange. Many of these relationship-building moments occur offscreen and you as the player feel nothing.

The game’s romance, a much-loved characteristic (some may go as far as to say the mainstay) of the previous Life is Strange and Life is Strange: Before the Storm is perhaps the worst impacted. The game offers you the choice between hot mountain man or hot dnd woman. Do you get to learn anything meaningful about these romance options, their history, who they are as a person? No, the game has no time to waste on such things. Mid-way through the game, you’re allowed to choose which one you think is hotter (if you think this is me being facetious, unfortunately not, this is very much how the choice is phrased) and later you’re allowed to confirm your choice with a gesture of romantic affection. Afterwards, you’re rewarded with a couple of painfully short scenes where you can count the lines of dialogue with your fingers, and that’s it, you’re bonded for life. I’m not sure whether they were in any way trying to replicate the magic of Pricefield/Amberprice, or create a whole new class of Life is Strange bisexual dating simulator, but regardless, they failed at both, and succeeded in making the character of Steph feel shallow and one-dimensional despite the fact that as a returning player of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, I really wanted to love her.

The game’s murder mystery also suffers. Without the extra fluff that was cut out in the editing room the red herring is obvious and predictable, the investigative scene is short and simplistic, and the end twist is so derivative that being told it’s derivative is in it of itself almost a spoiler. The choice of making the Big Bad a faceless institution didn’t play out very well, as you as the player don’t get as fired up as you do with the very personal enemies of Life is Strange. Your final victory lacks impact because ultimately you do almost nothing to earn it.

The choice mechanic as used in Life is Strange: True Colors is perhaps the worst in the series. None of the choices you make will have almost any impact whatsoever, in any timeframe. To make matters worse, some of the supposed-to-be-big of the choices are “Option A is the best” choices, with one option being a straight upgrade to the other. But even if you make all the ‘worst’ choices, and get no support from the people of the town, everything still turns out the same. Almost nobody is meaningfully impacted by your decisions, and one of the few meaningful decisions you get was so far on the edge of the map that half the players missed it.

So is Life is Strange: True Colors a bad game? No. Even if it did the bare minimum to follow the formula, it did follow the formula. You may not be blown away, but you’ll find yourself in a mostly engaging experience all the way through. At no point in playing Life is Strange: True Colors did I feel bored or frustrated. The romance options are shallow but they’re both cute. And the villain is believable enough that you can get a bit riled up. Some of the interactions feel real enough to really evoke strong feelings, and remind you why you love playing Life is Strange games. Alex’s power is fun and easy to use, almost as fun as Max’s time travel power in the first Life is Strange. The scenery, graphics, facial motion-capture, and voice quality are all very good.

But for the list price? You can get the first Life is Strange for 1/3rd the money and experience 50% more content. As a professional software engineer, I’m all for treating game developers better, giving them more benefits and less crunch, but the gap in content between this game and previous life is strange titles when price is taken into consideration is egregious. Are you a big Life is Strange fan? Then yes, picking up this title is worthwhile. It’s a good game, and a good addition to the series, and let’s be honest you’ll probably play it for “Wavelengths” with queen Steph (releases tomorrow) anyway. But if you’re new to the series, or money is tight, please wait until this thing goes on sale. You won’t be missing out.

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