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Roblox’s Got Talent Latest Game Version With Server Script Roblox Script

3 years ago
Roblox’s Got Talent Latest Game Version With Server Script Roblox Script

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About Roblox’s Got Talent:

Here is the first game coming from MyDearest, a small Japanese indie developer trying its luck in visual novel market, and I must say that School of Talent: SUZU-ROUTE is an impressive debut game from the team. As it may be understood from the title, this one is intended to be the first route – the route which belongs to the character Yuki Suzu – in the School of Talent setting. If this debut is to receive some recognition and positive feedback, developers already announced that they’ll be making various other games, centering other characters in the story. So let’s take a quick look to this one, shall we?

In this kinetic VN, we are to observe the result of Sakurai Kotaro’s incredible luck, as he wins a lottery for his admission into Mikage Academy, an educational institution for young people with talents. Talents in this setting, are apparently various supernatural powers invoked in some people due to their powerful wish for a specific achievement in their childhood or early adolescence. At Mikage Academy, the Talented are to be trained properly, so one day they may use their talents to the benefit of the society. Earning his admittance by pure luck, Kotaro is the only talentless student that Mikage Academy has ever accepted. So, it should be challenge enough for him to earn a place and social acceptance in a school full of people with supernatural powers anyhow. Yet, this is not Kotaro’s main problem. The night he gets accepted, Kotaro comes across a mysterious young girl who’s been singing an enchantingly beautiful song: Yuki Suzu. Falling in love with the girl, Kotaro pursues her in hopes of learning more about her, and gradually winning her affection.

As I’ve stated before, this one is a kinetic visual novel, which means that there will be no choice actions. You’ll be reading the storyline accompanied by various character CGs and some artwork until the end. Is this a good enough story to be witnessed? Well, if you do enjoy shoujo anime/manga with sexual comedy remarks and dramatic revelations following a “follow your heart” theme, you are at the right place. The setting itself presents an adventurous enough atmosphere as it begins, but the main strength of the story centers around those elements. As you read, expect a smirk for the comedic parts and a smile for the dramatic parts.

Characters involving the story are mostly enjoyable stereotypes, and their interactions are not majorly creative. We have our eroticism obsessed generic pervert, our tsundere princess hidden behind an innocent facade, our tomboy girl with mediocre intelligence but golden heart, our wise yet mischievous mentor, and of course our decent guy protagonist, who is the most ordinary guy in the world with just good intentions. I’d say not to expect anything spectacular, but the setting and the character interactions are a good combination for your enjoyment. Enjoyed Oh, My Goddess! or Fruits Basket? Consider this one in a similar context. It is a comedy run until its very end, then it comes to present a tragic challenge and a heartwarming “you are not alone” closure. Neat alright!

Artwork is quite good and CGs are very much likable with various facial expressions. Yet, CGs do lack a variety for body language, presenting all characters mostly in the same physical stance, aside 1-2 exceptions. Soundtrack, on the other hand, is truly nice, with Yuki Suzu’s trademark song, of course. The game is fully voice acted too. I must add that the sexualization and fan service within game was a tad bit more than what I’d like, but I do understand that some people would find it just right.

Go ahead and follow Kotaro’s heart alongside him, and aid Suzu to make friends. It is a short yet beautiful story you may enjoy, if you do like the genre anyhow. The game presents an 8 hour or so storyline for you to go through, and Steam Cards were just added. I may advise to grab it on a sale though, since it doesn’t present any active gaming.

Please also check out Lady Storyteller’s Curator page here – follow for regular updates on reviews for other games!

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