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Roblox Fighting Championship Max Stats Script Roblox Scripts

3 years ago
Roblox Fighting Championship Max Stats Script Roblox Scripts

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About Roblox Fighting Championship:

This experience is shared as part of the closed beta testing group tester

Executive summary:
VFC is indeed the first ever PvP fighting game, and I was pleasured to be involved in the beta testing.
In short, it has all the right design ideas and good executions, there are things that are not perfect (intrusive splash arts, body simulation inaccuracies) but they are all very minor and easy to fix problems, and the dev has already taken note of all of those feedbacks and promised to fix them.

So with a very diligent dev, this game not only offers great experience now but also a great future

– Combat feels good, hit box are accurate, and blocks are intuitive
– Game play even in high latency environment still feels satisfactory (i played with dev themselves at 300+ping)
– There are 3 different character, each offer a different kind of combat experience
– Each of those character has a different body height, and player will embody them self into those avatars, yes i asked the dec those are by intentional design – some people might see this as a con, but i like it. Because for a shortie in real life like me, it feels really great to choose poison and see everybody else as shortie.
– Dev said they are working on a single player mode, so there won’t be a problem where you can do nothing besides waiting for an opponent (and dev shared their design insight of the game to us, and so far i liked the concept of the said singleplayer, but i’ll wait and see how it’s executed)
– The foundation of this game (the current combat system) will offer huge potential for other potential play designs, VFC doesn’t seem to be strictly bound by any type of game genre or storytelling, so I’m super hype for what the dev can pull off in the future.

– the P2P connection method this game use is not often stable enough to guarantee a connection (during beta test there were alot of trouble), however, relay server was added to pretty much solved the problem, but doesn’t offer the best latency possible, we were advised to change the UPnP settings to make sure the P2P connection come through (i do remember this is quite common for some p2p games i’ve played before),
– the menu screen navigation gave me some trouble, i think this is an area that the game still need to improve upon.
– there is only 3 characters, yes i know it’s early access, but i would love to play more!
– gameplay in high latency environment while is okay.. but it does start to become very random, while native combat ‘feeling’ is still accurate, but reaction timing becomes very obviously delayed, thus the game itself becomes very messy.
– the danger of hitting a wall and hurting yourself (yes i have done it multiple times)

Overall, this game is not exactly polished around the edges (gameplay is definitely there), but understandably so, it is still an early access game, i’m very afraid that this game didn’t get the spotlight it deserves (we really had good fun during beta testing stage, after connection was solved of course) and caused damage on the player base, it a common curse for VR MP game right now.

All in all i give a 8/10. -2 for menu and connection unstableness. (knowing those are easy to fix)

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