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Ro-Punch Man Auto Farm Auto Quest Gui Roblox Script

3 years ago
Ro-Punch Man Auto Farm Auto Quest Gui Roblox Script

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About Ro-Punch Man:

It’s a good kind of bad, a refreshing kind of bad. You know how some people like watching terrible movies? It’s like that for me with this game. I can sit back and play this and have an absolute blast laughing at how un-intuitive the fighting feels, how absolutely busted some moves and characters are, and the overall jank with this game.

I recommend it if you’re like me and sometimes you just want to play a (hilariously) bad game. If you’re looking for something that’s actually worth a damn, this ain’t it my guy.

I really loved the show and thought this game might be good, but it’s a pretty poor retelling of the story with almost all of the humor removed.

The character editor is okay, although some option to move facepaint would have been great. You are also very limited with your character size and mass, you can’t create a giant buff dude like Puri-Puri Prisoner or Superalloy Darkshine, wich is really disappointing, especially since those character models are in the game.

The gameplay itself is okay mostly, but some quest fights and story missions are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Enemies can hit and immediately block afterwards, wich is impossible for the player. They can also hit the moment they get off the ground and it’s impossible sometimes to get them to the ground.

It’s not really a good game and probably the name alone sells it. I for one would only recommend the game on sales, because there really is not a lot of content and the combat is not complex enough to keep me interested.

Time to finish: around 14 hours

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows is not a very good game, but it is a beautifully charming mess that perfectly embodies OPM. So chock full of “bad design” that somehow feels right in the context of the universe.

To understand what I mean, One Punch Man is a superhero story that has a power scale that ranges from “Can kill God with one punch” to “I like to ride a bicycle!”. I’m not exaggerating… Those two fight beside one another. This game embraces that aspect and doesn’t even try to “balance”.

You’ll know Saitama’s pain as you fail the “Use 2 special moves” objective because you killed your opponent in one. You’ll feel the C-class fear as you unleash your epic hundred hit combo to deal 2% of an enemy’s life bar. Oh, and when Saitama takes to the field… that’s a feeling.

The balance is offset a bit by a mechanic they call “Arrivals”. Building on the traditional 3v3 fighting game format, many missions have the allies “Running to the scene”. When the timer runs out, they’ll join in the fight. (Items, Combos and other skillful play can speed up their arrivals)

This minor mechanic leads to interesting challenges such as
– Two C-class heroes need to hold out against a powerful monster until the A class backup arrives and you can actually
fight back.
– The enemy has backup on the way that you can avoid by playing aggressively and winning before they arrive.
– Hold out against a ridiculously insane OP boss until Saitama arrives to save you

But, at the end of the day, interesting challenges don’t hide the fact that this IS a crappy fighting game. You’ll get stun locked, can’t cancel animations, and normal attacks are so weak that you’ll be repeating the one special move you can equip at your current skill level.

It feels more like an RPG with it’s focus on grinding for stat points, new moves, and different fighting styles. (Even as an RPG it’s not that good)

This grind continues into the story as you need to grind for “contribution” points to unlock missions that award “rank” points and eventually unlock the next chapter. Don’t get me wrong, I actually enjoy it and the pacing hasn’t been too bad so far… but it IS pure grind.

Despite the negatives so far, my opinion of the game was highly positive and I would have recommended it. But some of the technical aspects absolutely magnify and sabotage every bit of goodwill that it built up.

Loading takes FOREVER (30+ seconds for me) and happens all the time. Walk to the HQ [Loading] Select a mission [Loading] Watch a cutscene [Loading] Accidentally one punch a dude [Loading] Watch a cutscene [Loading] Rewards [Loading].

It’s funny to win a fight in less than one second, but it’s not funny to have loaded 30 seconds into that fight and 30 seconds after I can literally say “I’ve spent more time on loading screens than I did playing this game”

This tech continues into the game itself. I’m constantly running towards a quest marker and having to wait 20 seconds for the character to load in so that I can talk. A single quest involves talking to multiple people, cutscenes, and battles… and that means ENDLESS waiting instead of a fun non-interrupted experience.

I do genuinely like this game and can recommend it for OPM fans that want a unique experience. For a cheap price, it’s a one-of-a-kind game unlike anything I’ve played before.

But as an actual a game? Look elsewhere.

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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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