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Redwood Prison New Gui Roblox Scripts

3 years ago

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About Redwood Prison:

Extremely bare bones in its current state. No sound, simple tiles and cant scale UI/fullscreen that I could see so its running in a tiny window on my 57″ 1080p LCDTV. Looks like a 7DRL project.

That being said, the fact that its so obviously running off 5e OGL is awesome, and with some fleshing out, this could be a fun and engrossing real Roguelike, especially for 5e fans. Back when I first started playing Roguelikes in the late 80s, even having tiles was amazing, and sounds just didnt exist. This is a good skeleton of a great classic Roguelike experience and I hope the dev continues to add to it, quests (with rewards), towns, npcs, adding in your homebrew D&D world lore – theres so much you could do with this framework.
Did I mention its completely free?

I do enjoy this game, and will continue playing it, but I did encounter some issues; that is to be expected, as is early-access after all.

Issues I encountered:
Enemies will not walk over downed party members; meaning I can use the bodies of my allies as mobile walls while I shooting/pike the monster over their bodies. Depending on the nature of the enemy, that should either attack/start consuming the downed npc, or step over them as they no longer effecting controlling their space.
Had 2 javelins one magic and one not; could only throw the magic one with the F command; the other didn’t register as throwable until taking the turn to equip.
Inventory switching between party members is slow and clunky; maybe a way of transferring multiple items at once. It really slows down gameplay, as I was dreading finding more gear, as it meant more clunky inventory work.
Ability to see what npc followers are wearing; maybe trade for their gear if you are offering something better. I understand you don’t want the followers just being stripped from their stuff, but I need to see what they are using to determine their effectiveness.

I also have some suggestions that will increase overall enjoyment of the game among fans of both D&D and rogue-likes.

Need Combat sounds
Feats- Didn’t see any feats; picked human for bonus feat at lvl one from variant human; sad ;(
Subclass options: Fighter was stuck as Champion; wanted Eldritch Knight 🙁
Show dead monster with 0 hp of out max to the right, not just a little skull to the left
A look command; x does not give much info, just what is it, not its status, what it is wearing etc
Color enemies actions red in the combat log; will make the log easier to track. Maybe color friendly actions green?
Have not seen any initiative roll; it would really add to the D&D charm of the game.
More detailed environments; rooms look very bare, because they are bare 🙁
Ambushes when resting: try and catch me in my undies 😉
Would love multi-classing options
Torches should stack like food rations and arrows; they are of similar bulk.
Maybe NPCs get a cut of the gold; come to mention it; I have not seen any gold in this game.
Have not seen any towns, or gold in the game; isn’t the prison near the city or town? Would make sense.
I Need some story; Why are we breaking INTO the prison? Are we looking for someone?

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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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