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Realistic Roleplay Rework Gun Spawner Without permit Roblox Script

3 years ago
Realistic Roleplay Rework Gun Spawner Without permit Roblox Script

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About Realistic Roleplay:

Game has a lot of potential, but right now, there isn’t a lot to play with. I was expecting a lot of firework selections, but all I see are 5 of which you can use, and only one of them is a single firework. There needs to be way more fireworks available and a lot more single fireworks. That way one can set up a custom display. There are no delays as well. The gameplay is extremely lacking. The graphics on the other hand, is pretty good. And the sound is also good as well. I’m gonna have to give it a thumbs down, until a proper update comes out with a ton more fireworks (especially single ones to setup custom shows).

i would not recommend this game its not more than a concept currently.
the game didnt got any updates or informations since about mai. you have 6 fireworks ingame but only 5 of them actually work. a dame dev should be able to recreate the current state of this game in less than 1 week i guess.

Fireworks Mania and Pyroworks are much more advanced have tons more fireworks and a lot more replay value than this game it gets boring after not even 20 min and i have about 380h in Fireworks Mania and about 120h in Pyroworks dont waist your time and money on this game at least in the current state maybe in 1 or 2 years but not right now.

very disappointed i’m a huge fan of fireworks games but i must say this was very bad .
First of the lag OMG was it bad falling through the floor or getting catapulted across the map not good and secondly yes it was pretty but come on the fire works exploded before they even shot up into the sky please fix that .Also it would be nice to be able to have loads of different fireworks not ones that i’m sorry to say don’t look realistic . Final notes to go off of : I 100 % see potential in this game it could be amazing ! Don’t give up ok keep at it i do look forwards to seeing what you release next on this ok :). This could be an amazing game it really could be you just got to fix a few things that’s all i’m saying if you fix these things this will be an amazing game it really will be and that is how i honestly feel on this game. Once you fixed these things i will change to positive feedback 🙂

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