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Project Legends Spawner Roblox Script

3 years ago
Project Legends Spawner Roblox Script

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About Project Legends:

Great DLC and glad I purchased the season pass. Got to try most of the new cars on the new track and all I can say is WOW. Didn’t think this was supposed to come out till March 6th but it was downloaded and installed when I checked today. I think this is a must buy and I only play with a Xbox controller because I have a stand up desk for my PC, yes I jumped on that fad but this Sim is very much playable with a controller. I can post my settings if anyone is interested.

Back to the DLC:
Great selection of cars
Great track
Great time and much fun to be had.
Grab a Guinness and stop reading this review and play the new DLC.
Please drink Responsibly and only if you are of age.

Please SMS add an off road Point to Point course.
That is all.


First of all it is a great collection of cars which truly characterize the spirit behind Porsche. I was happy to see the 917/K especially with all the paint works and the sound.
I personally was a little bit more happier about an other car, the 911 RSR from 2017. It is one of the cars I would hope to see in game since I had seen that PC2 has the licenses to use Cars from Porsche. So thank you for bringing this young legend to use.

But I have to say that there are some cars missing to call this

For one of my favourite car manufactures in the world this DLC adds cars that were much needed into Project Cars 2 and others that feel out of place. Each of the brand new Porsches has a special place in motoracing and the new liezpieg track is a great track for running laps on as it flows really well and can be a great track on learning racing lines for new drivers.

Each of the cars are suberbly recreated in game and handle as you would expect them to handle, a great example is the new Longtail variant of the 935 “Moby ♥♥♥♥”. A car that has insane straight line speed but with a few setup tweaks and smart driving can be a meance in corners but the long rear end can turn you around or flick you off just as quick. Or the nimble Porsche 911 Carrera RSR from the 70’s. Something with a little bit of body roll but enough traction to really put some nasty fast laptimes at a lot of tracks a very welcome addition to the Vintage Group A class, however there are somethings that I disagree with when it comes to this dlc.

Though I recomend this DLC to anyone who’s put more then 10 hours or more into project cars 2 or any Porsche lover a lot of these cars I feel should of been here from release or in a pack that acompanied cars from the same class in other brands. The 911 RSR GTE is a much needed racecar to fill out our GTE roster but it should of been in the game from the start it seems odd to add it in this far after release other then the intention of sucking people into buying the DLC. Porsches LMP1 Hybrid 919 is nowhere to be seen a car that has brought a lot of sucsess back to the brand and would have given us a full real life LMP1 WEC grid. Where is it!? Addition of the “Turbo Panzer” Porsches Can-Am Destroyer is a fantastic car to drive but without any other Can-Am cars to be seen it seems odd and out of place that is to say the 917K is the same, my favourite racecar is in a class by itself with no competion when the Ferrari 512 could of been the perfect car for that. Also the sounds are very lackluster very. Most of Project Cars 2 cars sound mean but the porsches always sounded off. This would of been a great DLC to rectify that but they sound lackluster and loose the ferocity that porshce engines have in real life.

In short what I’m trying to say is if your a fan of PC2 or Porsche this DLC is for you but I feel it’s out of place, this DLC shouldn’t have been a one brand pack as a lot of cars in this pack are without a class to race in or to OP (the 908 for example) and the sounds are extremly lackluster. If you are unsure about DLC for PC2 and don’t need all the DLC cars then I’d wait for this to go on sale sometime in the future.

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