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Prince Of Persia Warrior Within Download Free

7 years ago
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About Prince Of Persia Warrior Within Pc Game Download Free:

Being developed under the flag of Ubisoft Games, Prince Of Persia Warrior Within has so much to perform and deliver. Players will follow up the storyline after the events of Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time. New features are integrated into this new sequel of Prince Of Persia free download video game trilogy. Especially the game is greatly focused on ultra realistic combat moves. Players can now finally wield two primary weapons at a time and also has the ability to steal weapons from the enemies in Prince Of Persia Warrior Within download free with single direct link. Icing on cake, the Prince now also has the ability to throw specific weapons at enemies to either deal them some damage or eliminate them.  Now get more full unlocked steam games with World of pc

The best Prince of Persia game of the whole franchise! Combat is far better than in Sands of Time and Two Thrones, and the story is corny but fun. I think this one nailed it in the art-style department and I do enjoy the use of the metal music genre even though it is a bit over the top. I would still recommend the game as it still plays really well and the graphics are really not that bad even in 2022! If you like God of War and Assassin’s Creed you’ll most likely enjoy this series (the original 3D trilogy atleast)!

I’m a big fan of Pop: Sands of Time, the 2008 reboot and The Forgotten Sands. I’ve always looked at warrior within with skepticism because of the edgy art style and it’s strange representation of female characters. I still wanted to give it a chance since I love the other games so much and maybe I could look past some dated decisions the developers did and enjoy the PoP platforming and combat.

What I realized is that Warrior within’s problems goes far beyond the art direction and story. WW tries a metroidvania style of open map design where you backtrack through the same areas. The twist is that you go through the palace of the game in two different time periods. It’s a cool concept but in reality it makes everything less exciting. The level design also lacks the finesse of other Prince of persia games. The idea must be that it makes the game tougher and don’t get me wrong, I love tough games specifically platformers but I don’t think there was a single room in the game that gave me the satisfaction in clearing a challenge.

The combat move set is a slight improvement of the first game but honestly not enough to recommend this game. Enemies are repeated and placed in tight rooms with limited camera control. On top of this, the game is filled with bugs and had several game breaking instances during my sessions. It does not support controller officially and playing the game on keyboard is just not the same thing. Ledge grabs can easily bug out if it’s happening on a rotating platform. Came in expecting a decent platformer with a bad story and uninspiring art direction but Warrior Within is not even that. It is honestly just a really bad game.

Of the Sands of Time trilogy, Warrior Within is easily the most controversial of the bunch. Forgoing the whimsical Nights of Arabia theme of the much beloved Sands of Time, Warrior Within employs a much darker tone, replacing melodic instrumentals with blood pumping metal music, and an emperor’s majestic castle with that of some dreadful thing from a metal album cover. Gone, too, is the storybook hero known only as the Prince, who is now a curse spewing, murder loving psychopath, easy to anger and eager to slice open stomachs.

Understandably, not all took a liking to the new Prince of Persia, and many either wrote it off or gave up after dying in the first 10 minutes, all while cursing the monsters at Ubisoft who would dare slight their beloved franchise so vehemently. I am ashamed to admit that while I did not join in the publisher bashing those many years prior, I did assume the many fans’ angers as legitimate. After having neglected the franchise for many years since the original, I have finally played through the trilogy’s entirety. Lo and behold, my judgment is thus: Warrior Within is the best of the Prince of Persia trilogy, and one of the most challenging and equally frustrating and rewarding titles I have ever had the pleasure of besting.

Where its predecessor, The Sands of Time, relied on linear level progression, a typically gradually increasing difficulty, and relatively basic (and easy) combat, Warrior Within features a (sort of) open world, varied weapons of combat, and enemies that will break your face if you’re not perfect. It also features a higher emphasis on combat than its predecessor, and some of the most frustrating puzzle and enemy design than any other game I’ve played in years. But understand what I mean by that. Warrior Within, for the entire duration, never held my hand.

Obviously, it wasn’t always an exploding dog thing, but you get the point. WW is never easy or gradual in its difficulty. It’s not typically fair, either, but it also never felt impossible, and that’s what made it fantastic. For comparison, while playing Demon’s Souls, I always felt in control of what I was doing, and typically only died if I was quick to run into a room before checking for barriers to hide behind, traps or tricky enemies in the shadows. WW will put you in a room and deal death unto you until you learn to deal with it, and the experience became infinitely rewarding upon besting said situations.

Puzzles don’t quite follow the same degree of difficulty that the combat does, but the challenge comes in unintended traversal. By puzzles, I refer to the Prince of Persia’s method of travel; running along walls, sliding down ropes and hanging banners, and avoiding the many, many spikes and saw blades inexplicably sticking out of walls. The open world aspect of Warrior Within allows you to re-visit any portion of the island that you’ve previously visited, and you don’t necessarily have to follow the same paths. Worse yet, enemy spawns remain, especially those bastard dogs I mentioned previously, the ones that can take half of your health. If this sounds frustrating to you, it should. But by the point you should even be considering doing anything like this, you will have already become invested in beating down this seemingly personal hell that the developers have created just for you.

I won’t divulge any of my secrets for passing through Warrior Within, and quite frankly, I would recommend any and all to refrain from guides as much as possible throughout (except for the collectibles, you’ll need a guide for those). Warrior Within is a truly brutal and often unfair achievement in sadistic game design. It’s also one of my most satisfying completions in the entirety of my gaming career. Nearly every instance of combat in this title will chew on your face and kick you in your ass until you really learn to play it. The learning curve can be steep and unfair, and you will want to quit. Don’t. There are no tricks to Warrior Within, and only your skill, and hopefully a share of dumb luck, will see you succeed. What faults it has, of which there are plenty, only add to the experience..


Prince Of Persia Warrior Within Free Download Features:

  • Outstanding Fighting Moves
  • Enlarged Open World Map
  • Two New Primary Weapons For The Prince
  • And Much More You Can Discover

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8.1/10
2 :: Processor: Intel Pentium 4/AMD or better
3 :: Ram :: 512 MB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 09
5 :: Graphics:: Intel HD Graphics
6 :: Space Storage:: 4 GB space

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