Pickaxe Simulator Auto farm Gui Roblox Scripts

2 years ago
Pickaxe Simulator Auto farm Gui Roblox Scripts

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About Pickaxe Simulator:

So… after three years for a company who’s business-plan seem to be to release a new game every two years I had high hopes for this one. Low expectations, but still… high hopes.

Sadly, Giants delivered as expected. In recognizable form they made sure to leave any real visions and improvements on the drawing-board and release what feels more like a free update or a cheap DLC than a new game.

New features:
• Seasons. More or less just copy/pasting a good mod from FS19. Instead of showing us what a professional developer can do with a good idea, they just payed (I assume) the modders and called it done.
• Production chains. As with seasons they took a mod(s), streamlined it a little and that’s it, done.
• Sound and gear-system. This is in my opinion the only real improvement to the game, but it still need some polish and I would like a bigger variety in the engine-sounds.
• 3 new crops. One is just another combinable crop and two orchard type crops. A bit of a gimmick, but I guess they tie into production chains so that’s fine.
• New build mode. Improved, but the terrain editor it’s very basic and it’s impossible to smooth it out to look close to real. Even the developer can’t do it right, check out the ground close to the cow-pasture in Erlengrat.
• New worker features. Workers can now be sent from A to B, sent to a field to do a job and carting. I only tested this a few times and it work ok, but the path-finding is far from perfect.
• AI traffic. AI cars drive faster, I’m sure that had to take a month or two to change, right? They are still on rails and it’s still like hitting a brick wall if you drive into them. There is no pathfinding, no avoidance. To call it AI is an insult to AI’s everywhere.
• Used equipment and separate maintenance and paint condition. A good idea, but again, very basic. Also if you repair but don’t repaint you vehicles the condition-bar next to the speed-o stays at about a quarter full(might have been changed/fixed).
• Character creation. It’s fine, but there is no sliders for body-shape or skin-colour and just 16 predefined faces.
• Fieldstone. Stones show up in fields after plowing and cultivating. Sure, but I suspect most player’s will turn it off after a short time so why bother. In my experience the workers have no idea what parts of a field is done and not if you stop them half-way through.
• Changes to the UI. Sure, but was that the most important thing to improve?

The physics seems to have gotten little to no love.
• Machines and equipment still have no real feeling of weight. No change in centre of mass when accelerating or braking, no rocking and rolling on big rubber tires when you drive on uneven terrain or come a sudden stop.
Remember, even the smallest tractor in the game weighs 2,9 tons, more than twice the weight of a compact car.
• The physics of bales, pallets and logs are still horrible. If you bump into them they slide around like on ice. They still glitch into pallet-forks, bale-spike and log-claws and many other objects.
Hitting the “sweet-spot” for pallets feels like a lottery. Round-bales are perfectly round and will roll away on the slightest gradient instead of compressing slightly under their own weight. And the logs… the logs can make even the most level-headed of us turn to violence.
• There might be a traction-system hiding somewhere deep inside the game, but it mostly seams to have little to no impact on gameplay, it’s just cosmetic. Where is the reason to choose wide or dual tires? Why change away from narrow’s after fertilizing? Why add wheel-weights?
Adding rolling resistance might give us a reason to use communal tires to a vehicle mostly used for carting, especially if that is the only way to reach top speed.

• The terrain poly-count can’t have changed much since the first game.
• How can a game released in 2021 have roads with sharp angles like you find around some bridges and (un)loading-stations?
• Otherwise the roads are smooth as glass, with no bumps, cracks, pot-holes or imperfections at all. Most times you cant even tell if you drive from asphalt to grass.
• It would be nice to have a reason to want to stay on the roads and dirt-tracks when moving from A to B but since the grasslands and fields are almost as smooth as the rest of the map most people just cut across.

The workers are as useless as ever. On a perfectly square field they do ok as long as there are no trees or building near by.
On a slightly unevenly shaped field they leave little missed bits most times they turn. They will come to a field edge, turn around and line up perfectly to continue before deciding to go home.
I created a field with a plow, seeded two full laps of headlands and set this dumbbell off on his own. He managed a few rounds and the proceeded to seed 30 meters into the grassland next it before he quit.
It can’t possibly be that difficult to make the worker-AI aware of what they are doing, where they’re supposed to do it and if they are finished doing it. It’s been like this since at least FS15, there is no excuse!!

Maps and Gameplay:
Other then the addition of production lines, which are minor gameplay-wise, there are no changes. It’s still farm, sell, repeat.
The economy is as basic as ever. In the new price-overview it looks like it would be possible to predict when to sell, but from my experience this is either bugged or useless.
There are three maps with one starting location on each, nothing new, nothing to be excited about, but they might be slightly bigger than in FS19.
It would be nice to have more options when you start a new game instead of starting with the same machines, on the same farm, with the same budget every time you start a map. How about:
• Different starting budgets.
• A variety in starting vehicle-packs to choose from.
• A choice of several different farms on each map, varying in size and feel.
• Rule-sets?

I’m the type of person who should love this game, but I don’t. Instead I get frustrated over bad mechanics, I’m disappointed in the lack of creative thinking and development and angry that obvious bugs and flaws stays in the game release, after release.
I hope to some day play a good or even great farming simulator, but at this rate though, with statistically only 30-40 year left to live, I don’t like my odds.

The Farming Simulator community is big(for a work-sim) and full of supportive players and modders who have been conditioned to lower their expectations for years. It’s about time they are rewarded with a developer that at least aspires to get up to date with modern technology.

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