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7 years ago
MotoGP 17 Free Download PC Game By Cover

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About MotoGP 17 Pc Game Download Free:

Featuring the 2017 Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing season, MotoGP 17 free download has so much to offer gameplay wise. For the first time ever, the great MotoGP 17  download free video game is also released for PlayStation 4. This legendary bike racing game is now officially released for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players. Surprisingly players can now also unlock the online game mode in MotoGP 17 free download with single direct link. Moreover, players can choose two different approaches to progress in the game. Either they continue the career mode in MotoGP 17 or to continue the world MotoGP 17 champprotonship.  Now get more full unlocked steam games with World of pc

Released on 15 June 2017, MotoGP 17 free download have already sold more than 150,000 copies of the game. All the 2017 bikers, new tracks and teams awaits you in the official MotoGP 17 free download game. The racing tracks are smoother than ever and well developed. Players can easily drift along the racing tracks and reach the finish line. To upgrade the bikes for better performance in MotoGP 17 free download, players will have to earn points or money in the game. Nevertheless, players can also unlock special and premium bikes by purchasing tokens from the market and using them to unlock the bikes. You can also have a look at Need For Speed Games Here. Conclusively in a nutshell, MotoGP 17 free download is not doubt off the charts bike racing video game.

I’ve bought most of the MotoGP series in the hope of improvements, but this is the final nail in the coffin with regards to buying Milestone games. I’m done. Single Player: Once again, the career mode is threadbare at best, with nothing to improve immersion. Win a few races? Nice, move up to one of the top teams in the next tier arbitrarily. Get to MotoGP from Moto3 without finishing the first season? Of course you can. The AI is terrible in new and impressive ways. Back in MotoGP 15 the AI were so slow the races were pointless. Three seconds a lap behind you slow. Valentino Rossi the game introduced tyre wear that applied only to the player and not the AI and they would go 2 seconds a lap FASTER in the race than qualifying. Seems realistic. MotoGP 17 has managed to make it even worse.

Qualy pace is sporadic, sometimes a good battle, sometimes miles off. When you get to the race, all bets are off. Once again, punishing tyre wear is back, but only for the player – AI will run Soft – Soft every race. Rather than PUTTING SOME EFFORT IN and programming the AI to be racy, instead they have programmed in essentially a dive-bomb switch. If the AI are behind, they will dive into corners at impossible speeds and either hit you, or brake harder than the player is able to. Genuinely, you can brake as hard as you can with large disks, and they will go past you and stop before you.

I thought I’d at least try online since single player is a mess. The stuttering is ludicrous. You can’t play with contact on due to the lag and even with collisions off, it is hard to concentrate on the track when someone is coming in and out of your view 20 times a second. Online should legitimately have an epilepsy warning. It is interesting to look at the contrast with the F1 games by Codemasters – similarly they got a lot of negative feedback on career immersion and how the AI behaved. The difference is, they put in the effort and fixed it.

So thank you Milestone, I’ve finally learned not to buy your games. Continue ignoring questions on twitter and in the community about these issues and I look forward to seeing you push MotoGP 18 next year. I won’t be wasting any more money. P.S the tracks and models are still awful, the only real change is the sound. The tracks are such poor recreations it is a joke – everything is inexplicably thin. The same issue was on Ride 2, a public road track would have the same width as the bike length. Again, absolutely zero effort put in.

I feel this is a pretty good game overall. Handling physics are about what you’d expect in a motorcycle racing simulation. Yeah, it’s a simulation game, it’s not real life. So naturally there are compromises but generally if you’ve ridden then you’ll be able to judge the game’s merits quite quickly. I’ve ridden before and in my opinion it’s a pretty decent approximation of riding a bike at speed given that you’re in front of a computer and don’t have the actual seat feel and g-forces to clue you in. I also own MotoGP ’15 so I’ll provide some comparisons with that game.

MotoGP 17 Pc Game pre-installed:

Graphics are very good, especially the bikes and for the most part the tracks too. I spend a lot of time in rider mode so I’m close to the ground and in some instances the graphics in 17 are not quite as intense as 15. Whereas 15 feels kinda dated, but still, track surface textures seemed a little more detailed in 15 than 17. Overall 17 graphics are superiors just that in some spots it didn’t surpass 15.

Bike choices, handling, customization are pretty well done. Bikes are very detailed and can even take damage from vicious off-road adventures. You won’t see a bike flying apart and obliterating itself scattering chunks all over the track like Marquez, but you will see damage to fairings and paintjobs, scrapes, dents, etc. Enough to let you know your bike is damaged and may not perform 100%. Remember, this is a riding simulation, not a crash simulation. 😉

Tracks are all well-done and look about like what you see on television watching the races. Sometimes after a race I’ll watch a replay of it to see myself on television experiencing all of my triumphs and tragedies. Speaking of which, the replay controls are very good and you’ll likely find yourself being a tv director looking at the action from all manner of angles and camera views.

AI – the most controversial aspect to any racing simulation that has ever existed. I’d say the AI in this game is good, perhaps a little too good. For comparison sake, running races at Austin in both 15 and 17 and riding roughly the same lap times in both, results in very different outcomes in both. In MotoGP 15, lap times that would get you in the Top 5 in Simulation mode will not even get you in the Top 20 in MotoGP 17 on Simulation. The AI is that much faster in ’17. So if you’re adjusted to racing GP ’15 AI and you get on the track with ’17, look out. You might find yourself struggling to keep up. Is it realistic? Depends.

MotoGP ’17 Simulation difficulty lap times at Austin by AI was comparable to qualifying times of the real life qualifying results at the track but the AI race lap times in the game were 3 seconds faster (averaging 2:01s fastest laps) than the real life fastest lap (2:04s, Marc Marquez) during the real life 2017 Austin race. That shows that the AI runs just as fast in the race, generally, as it does in qualifying, which might be off-putting to some coming in and expecting them to slow down and behave more conservatively during the actual race mode.



MotoGP 17 Free Download Features:

  • More Than 100 Riders
  • New Racing Tracks
  • Vast Career Mode
  • Online Multiplayer Game Mode Available For All Three Platforms
  • And Much More You Can Discover

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8.1/10 (Tested On 64bit versions only)
2 :: Processor: Intel Core i3-4160/AMD or better
3 :: Ram :: 4 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 11
5 :: Graphics:: NVIDIA GeForce GT 640/AMD Radeon HD 6670
6 :: Space Storage:: 33 GB space

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