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Mad City Advanced Auto Farm Fixed – 1 Mill Every 5Mins! Roblox Scripts

3 years ago
Mad City Advanced Auto Farm Fixed – 1 Mill Every 5Mins! Roblox Scripts

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About Mad City:

Well….. this is certainly……. something. So, MadOut2…. is an iOS port, as I do remember playing it on there. That alone should basically tell you the quality of the game, but hey, I feel that I should make this review anyway based on my first thoughts, so here.

Story: Basically, from what I gathered, you are coming back from prison to the city. That’s all, and you do crime.

Gameplay: Just looking at the game should tell you that this is a GTA ripoff, just not as good. You have all the GTA stuff like stealing cars from proportionally broken people, killing people for no reason (you can’t even get money from it), and more. So what does this game do different? Well, from what I can tell, nothing. All you have is a new undetailed map that shows off how it is basically unfinished, and is willing to remove certain GTA mechanics, like good customization (There is literally only around 2 hair options, and no gender options either, which seems….. you fill the blanks.) One thing this game has going for it is online. I did not check it out yet, so who knows how this works out. Also, touching water kills you, how else would it work, of course it will instantly kill you! So no, there is no underwater secrets like that UFO thing in GTA 5. However, despite all this, it plays….. not horribly actually. The controls work fine and do what they need, except for A button actions, as for some reason, the A button pulls up the menu and I don’t know why. Kinda awkward. So yeah, if you like GTA and don’t have the money for the real deal….. then maybe get the money, as this might not be what you are looking for honestly.

Graphics and Presentation: Let’s get this out of the way: The game has a TON of Engrish, and this is because I presume the developers are Russian. This can be proven by how all in game street signs are in Russian. Also, the trailer has Russian text so yeah….. still, some Engrish is just…. wow. Like, Gas is spelled “Gaz,” among others. You can probably find a ton of Engrish, but I won’t really be doing that. I need to do graphics. Anyway, the graphics are…. undetailed. It doesn’t look horrible, but you can tell it’s an iOS game. It has PS2 like textures and many models have missing polygons and car damage is just…… terrible, using the stock Unity car damage. For all those who want to make a car game using Unity, don’t use a stock damage set, they suck. Animations are also awkward, and are disproportional and broken at times. Yeah, quality was not a thing here.

Sound and Soundtrack: This game has music? Well, it all sucks anyway, I won’t waste time here with that, you can probably guess the quality. Sounds are also very stock and bland. Just, no.

Replayability: It is open world, so I guess there’s that? There is the online, so you can play with friends, but knowing this game, it probably won’t let you lock a lobby so that only friends can join. There isn’t much to do in the world anyway, just drive. Now, in GTA 5, there are many minigames you can do, like Tennis or Golf, and to other things like Triathlons and such. This game has nothing, and although there is 11 chapters of single player content, you’ll get bored.

Final Thoughts: Well, this is an awkward thing. I have so many complaints about this game, and I hope the devs keep this game updated so the issues can be fixed. However, in it’s current form, I think this game deserves this score. However, blah blah blah, you get it, opinions, yadda yadda, get to the score. Anyway, based on my experience, MadOut2 BigCityOnline gets a 4/10 with a side of a 5 Star Wanted level. This is a shameless GTA ripoff without what made GTA fun. There are to many complaints against the working gameplay that prevents a recommendation. Yeah, it is free, but how much is that really a factor? It’s just bland and uninspired. Even on iOS, it was bland. It’s probably also on Andriod, but I would also recommend against it. Now, devs, there is still a way to fix this, and I have some tips:
Make the world have more stuff to do, while making the game look nicer
Make sure that the character customization has better options
Add more gameplay mechanics
Make it more unique
Don’t use the stock Unity damage system
Make the humans look like humans
And moreI hope you take my considerations into guarantee.

How to run Mad City roblox script / Exploit /Code / Hack and cheat

  1. Download The Exploit (How To Download Guide)
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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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