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Lumber Tycoon 2 Stalker Gui Roblox Scripts

3 years ago
Lumber Tycoon 2 Stalker Gui Roblox Scripts

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About Lumber Tycoon 2:

Good morning gamers, my name is Allan I am 45 and this will be my first review of a game. If this goes all over the place sorry that is just how my mind thinks. I am writing this because I love this game I have about 116 hours so far and I am finding it a bit of a challenge. I am on chapter 2 trying to pay the 250,000 to uncle to own everything but it is harder than it looks when you do not have any new quest coming in to make quick cash lol. I do have the Carson quest to plant twenty trees but cannot do that till I pay off uncle, I have found ways to help though I traded in the old forklift for the new one and only spent social points, seems to be easier to use for me, other equipment will take time to do that with. I also got the platform truck to transport my pallets when I do not have use of James truck, all in all, the time I have spent in this game has been a load of fun, I would like to see more content for the game keep up the great work, I would recommend this game to everyone.

First good stuff: I started playing Lumberjack’s Dynasty about 2 weeks ago. When I started a new game I loved the intro and the starter story of the game. The game shows you everything you need to know. I love the graphics and the settings for the game. They are easy to set up and understand. The game gives you a lot of things to do from reasing different animals, cutting down trees, mowing the grass, talk with different people, cook and so on. I love that the NPCs have voices and also movements. You will see them around the map doing stuff. The game has money and social points, that you get b doing tasks. The game offers you to get all-important vehicles and trailers with talking to people and unlocking/finishing different quests. People say it is hard to get money, but I get money pretty fast as I milk my cows, pick up eggs, get some honey, and so on. By selling stuff to sellers you can get a lot of money. All the tools and guides are very smooth and realistic. When you cut down a tree it falls down really realistic. All that I can say is that this game offers you more than you think. There are also a lot of updates almost every month and there is a lot of trailers, tools, food, animals, vehicles, and people that you can talk to them. To get some trailers you need to be indifferent chapters. You can also make furniture and the game is open-world with a big map.

Bad stuff: When I was doing the quest for tractor-trailer I was picking up logs, suddenly I got flung. I reload the game and everything was fine. I experienced some bugs in the game. But the game is prepared for these bugs like>: If your vehicle gets stuck or trailer gets stuck you can just press TAB and call a tow truck for it, with no cost. The trailer/vehicle will spawn near you. I suggest everyone that put on GAME SETTINGS that when you finish the quest it will autosave the game. Remember that you need to save your ago because it will not do it automatically. I had some bugs with flinging stuff or flying trees. But it happened like 3 times and I always fix it by reloading the saved game. I saw many people talking about bugs in the comments, but they never explained how you can fix them and that the developers thought about the bugs and made things that can undo the bugs and save your progress in the game. It is said that the pickup trucks show that it goes 45 mph but it goes really slow. I hope they will fix that in the future but it really didn’t bother me as I used bus stations to go over the map.

Overall: The game is very realistic. Everything works smoothly, you can’t get bored because you can do many things with tools, guests and so on. I really enjoy this game and I will keep playing it. I suggest you, starter players, watch some tips for the game. If you find any bugs staffs help you and respond fast to you. That’s all I have gotta say, it was the best purchase for me. Thank you for reading this. Have a good one.

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