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Island Of Move Get All Items Roblox Scripts

3 years ago
Island Of Move Get All Items Roblox Scripts

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About Island Of Move:

A neat and very cute little collectathon game where you explore an island and photograph the vast ecosystem within. Interact with the environment, taking photos of things such as birds, plants, mushrooms and other wide range of plants and animals. There is a journal to fill in filled with plenty of detail on what you come across such as the behaviour of the animals. With certain ones that are required to be taken a photo of, there are also multiple photos with different aspects to take of. Such as the blinkeys exhibiting different behaviours. Take as many photos as you want of anything and everything, as there is no limit and each one you can also choose your favourite photo that you’ve taken as the main photo that is shown in the logbook. There are also various puzzles to come across and solve in order to progress through the journey. It is a very nice game to take screenshots with, be it of the wildlife as well as being able to take selfies. Overall it is quite a nice and relaxing game to just explore as you encounter the island and its wildlife. There is nice music and the audio of the environment and what is within is quite appeasing to listen to.

Key received by the publisher.

I was excited for this one and while there are a lot of great things here, I just can’t fully recommend it.

This is a game with a lot of creativity and some really cute things. Cute creatures, cool artstyle for the world and so on, but they’re all very unpolished.
The wildlife just doesn’t feel very dynamic, a lot of the textures seem so unpolished that it looks like I’m running the game at the lowest settings and there are no video settings to make it higher quality either from what I’ve seen.

I couldn’t play this game on KB&M solely because the cursor just never disappeared, no matter what I tried.

The intro video is at an oddly low bitrate, which means it will be grainy on 1080p. Some of the voice lines are also a bit low quality, especially any exclamations. Around 3-5% of the lines are voiced. It also seems like the most random lines too. Your character will just say a line in the middle of a silent monologue for no reason. It’s just very inconsistent.

Things will clip constantly. That includes creatures just blindly flying into trees only to phase through them. Your character will also “jump” by essentially floating in a default pose into the spot they have to, only for the character to sometimes also teleport a bit to the side.

The gameplay also has glitches with relatively regular issues with the game/camera understanding what creature you’re aiming at and when taking a picture, you might see the game thinking it’s something different from what it says.

I like charm. I like the idea of what they went for and I think there’s passion in this. But I just can’t tell people that the passion is enough to make for a good enough game to purchase this. If this were free, I would definitely recommend it. It’s generally a really dumb point to make since everything’s better free, but it really does have a feel of “Hey check out our project” type of game, rather than a fully finished product. It’s been 2.5 months since the last update and the game released 3.5 months ago. I’m not optimistic that there will be more updates, so this is the form the game will stay in.

I hope anyone who still decides to get this enjoys it. I like what’s tried, but I just can’t recommend a purchase of this, especially at full price.

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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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