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About Homefront The Revolution Pc Game Download Free:

Dumbster Studios have finally come up with an outstanding first person shooter game in the form of Homefront The Revolution free download. America is on its knees, and four brave soldiers can only make American great again. Ethan Brady being the main protagonist in Homefront The Revolution free download, is an outstanding and skilled hacker, father and fighter. Players will have to bring the North Korean occupatproton and army to its knees in Homefront The Revolution download free with single direct link, which is the main objective. However, this game received quite mixed up reviews from the critics due to is awesome plot yet negative reviews due to its low standard graphics and visual effects. Now get more full unlocked steam games with World of pc games.co

Weapon customization and open world environment are the two premium features delivered by Homefront The Revolution free download with perfectproton and beauty. There is no bigger objective or aim other than freedom to survive, players must find out new ways to end the occupatproton in Homefront The Revolution free download. As, the game twists the storyline and behaves according to the characters decisprotons, players must be creative in Homefront The Revolution free download. You can also download other similar Open World Games Here. Adventure Games Free Download. And conclusively in a nutshell, Homefront The Revolution free download is my personal favorite open world game.

This game is buggy, glitchy, hopeless mess. Its kind of fun when you’re not falling out of the map to your death and when the AI isn’t spawning directly behind you out of nothing and when the environment isn’t getting in your way or actively clipping you through objects, but that’s a rare thing. I know its an older game and its probably cheap, but its really not worth any amount of money when there are several occasions where you can’t even play the game because its too broken. But I got this for free and if you didn’t, just skip it and move on.

I am a 45 yo father, probably one of the oldest people playing this game. I am a single farther to my Son, who is 14 now. My son got this game for Christmas from his uncle, so we installed it on his computer and he started playing. By the end of the week he had 24 hours on this game. This was horrible for me, as it was already hard for me to find ways to spend time with my son, as he is always out with his friends or just, watching YouTube. So i decided to make a Steam account and get this game to see if I could maybe play alongside him. loaded into the game, made my character and world and started playing but I was stuck on what you where supposed to do.

It’s not the best shooter I’ve ever played, but it’s nowhere near being the worst game I’ve played like DSP said, heck, I made it further in the story in my 3 hours of game time than DSP did in his whole play-through. Fun gameplay, decent story for what it is, very interesting ideas with the weapon customization mechanic, beautiful graphics, cool open world map, it’s a pretty cool game all around. If you can find it on sale for $3 and have been interested in it for a bit, go for it. There is a mid-high possibility that you’ll enjoy the game for what it sets out to do.

I’ll save you some time with this review: did you like Far Cry 3, 4, or 5? Do you want to play a mostly finished PC port of TimeSplitters 2? If either answer is yes, then you may end up liking Homefront: The Revolution. If not, you might as well skip this one, as it borrows a ton of concepts from the Far Cry series.

Homefront: The Revolution is an open world FPS made by Dambuster Studios and Deep Silver. Set in an alternate world where a technologically-advanced North Korea has occupied a crippled United States, you play as a new recruit in the Philadelphia Resistance named Ethan Brady. Along with a band of morally questionable allies, you try to liberate Philadelphia from the Korean People’s Army’s control and inspire America to rise up against its oppressors.

Right out the gate, I’m going to say this: the introduction to this game is horrible. It’s a massive turn-off in every possible way – poor voice acting, cringe-inducing lines (“Did you know that I have superpowers?” stuck out to me the most), and a bunch of segments where you get railroaded from one scripted scene to the next. The worst part is that, since almost every character in the intro isn’t relevant once the main game starts, you could easily skip past it without missing out on anything relevant to the overall plot. If you can suffer through it for 20-30 minutes, you are finally handed a gun and given free rein to do whatever you want. At that point, the game comes into its own.

The shooting and exploration mechanics are Homefront’s strongest points. Almost everything about combat works fantastically – guns have a lot of punch and sound realistic, each weapon serves its own purpose, and you can heavily customize almost any weapon with sights and other gadgets. The most ridiculous feature are the gun modes: after buying a conversion kit, you can turn any gun into one of its three forms on the fly. This includes, among other things, turning a battle rifle into an automatic firework launcher or a pistol into a pneumatic dart gun. Does it make sense? Not at all! Is it fun? Definitely!

Homefront The Revolution Pc Game pre-installed:

 In red zones, you can get into skirmishes with the KPA, capture outposts, and complete other objectives. In yellow zones, you need to blend in with crowds and work to stir up the people into revolting. The yellow zones require more planning and sneaking, as you’re badly outgunned by the KPA in those areas. You often have to get down and dirty, doing things like tossing bombs at armored cars and then vanishing into a crowd or assassinating KPA soldiers that are brutalizing citizens. The split between these sections keeps the game interesting and encourages the player to explore more areas to gain an edge on the KPA.

Much like the newer Far Cry games, you can liberate outposts to give your allies more control over regions and create safe zones for yourself. However, Homefront has a good amount of variety with the ways you capture them. Sometimes, you need to infiltrate KPA strongholds to sabotage their gas supplies. Other times, you have to scrounge up medical supplies to get a hospital up and running again. There are also journal entries you can collect that expand on the game’s backstory more. The journals, along with the running radio chatter you encounter as you explore, really paint a grim but captivating picture of the USA under occupation. I actually found myself caring about the dispatchers and Resistance agents as their stories unfolded over time.

The story of Homefront: The Revolution is pretty bad. Homefront is at its strongest when it lets the player do things and uncover the story on their own. Unfortunately, the game is full of scripted moments that feel out of place, and the story basically goes nowhere.  The twists and turns of the plot felt weak and contrived. Still, it has some genuinely heartfelt moments, and I did enjoy the arguments on right and wrong that the Resistance leaders had (even if they also went nowhere).

The soundtrack to Homefront works, but it’s pretty forgettable. Also, the game will take a good rig to run. It isn’t as horribly optimized as it was at launch, but it definitely isn’t perfect. The game also underutilizes some of its features – I only encountered two Goliaths (automated tanks) and two flamethrower troopers in my run, and I only got hit with a flashbang grenade once. It wouldn’t have hurt to have those threats come up more frequently.

Homefront: The Revolution is far from a perfect game, but I enjoyed it. The gunplay is fantastic, the exploration mechanics are deep, and the action is fun once it gets going. Plus, it has ALL of the contents of TimeSplitters 2 near the end of the game, unlockable through in-game cheats. How could anyone turn that down?

With all of that in mind, I would only recommend this if you enjoyed the Far Cry games and if it’s 75% off or more. I would also recommend figuring out if your computer can run it before buying it. Just trudge through the intro knowing that it gets much better later on.


NOTE: This game includes all latest updates and complete 10 DLCs. So enjoy the game.

Homefront The Revolution Free Download Features:

  • Outstanding Graphics And Plot
  • Revamped Open World Environment And Weapon System
  • New Gadgets And New Map
  • And Much More You Can Discover

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8.1/10 (Tested On 64bit versions only)
2 :: Processor: Intel Core i5-4570T/AMD FX 6100
3 :: Ram :: 6 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 11
5 :: Graphics:: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti/AMD Radeon HD R7 260x
6 :: Space Storage:: 60 GB space

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