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Heroes Academia Auto Farm Roblox Script

3 years ago
Heroes Academia Auto Farm Roblox Script

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About Heroes Academia:

Let’s start by saying the game is good and can be fun at times. However, most of the time, it’s not. As I mostly play the game as a tanker, I’ll just be focusing this review on that aspect of the game. I’ve been playing this game for give or take 2 years now (on and off), and if I’m honest…nothing has changed or will change. I started off playing as infantry and unlocking everything for each faction, even spending a few bucks here and there for gold (the game’s premium currency). I did this because I enjoyed it; however, it gets old very fast.

In my opinion, the tanking aspect of the game is its greatest pro and its biggest con. Reto (the devs) have consistently struggled to demonstrate to the community that they know how to balance certain weapons and vehicles so they aren’t OP on the battlefield. Instead of nerfing what needs to be nerfed, they either ignore it, pretending it doesn’t exist or buff it, making the matter worse. The tanking community of HnG has always been f***ed over by the anti-tank weapons available in the game. Reto being the amazing developers they are, ignore this, even though it makes tanks completely obsolete. Let’s take an example.

I played give or take 10 games tonight. All tanker matches with the US faction playing assault (staged). My first game was excellent. I encountered resistance, I advanced with my team, and overall I did well in the match. Next match, straight away, a rambo (player will hunt and kill tanks using AT) appears, blows out my tracks and destroys my tank. Ok, very unfair, but let’s just spawn a new one. Oh, wait! You have to wait 3 minutes for that because f*** you. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that when I finish this match, I’ll have to pay maintenance costs on that tank which is easily 1k in credits (the standard currency of the game), just for spawning it. The other 8 games of the night took a similar pattern, with my tank being constantly destroyed by rambos.

So please tell me where the balance is in that scenario. I have to wait 3 minutes to spawn a heavy tank which, when I do, the rambo kills me again and pay a ridiculous amount of credits in maintenance. Yet if the rambo dies, he can immediately spawn and hunt me down again. However, Reto being the highly intelligent devs they are have addressed this issue in the past. They want to steer players away from the rambo route. To do this, they made the maintenance cost of AT weapons high, meaning users will likely make no credits from their tank hunting adventures. Has this deterred them? No, not at all. You see, it’s hard to deter a player from using some sort of AT weapon or becoming a soulless rambo since EVERY SINGLE SOLDIER TYPE HAS ACCESS TO AT.

Pilots have access to AT, tankers have access to AT, snipers have access to AT. Why? It makes zero sense and only encourages players to use it. The problem is just made worse by the existence of “Heavy Set” (the player does extra damage against tanks with AT weapons). As this badge is very easy to get, players with either the gold or silver version can easily take out all categories of tanks. Let’s make one thing clear. The community in this game is extremely toxic, do anything wrong (or right), and you’ll get called either a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ or an idiot. The community is not friendly whatsoever, and if you by any chance want to raise a point about this matter on the discussion forums, well be prepared to get blasted by the white knights of HnG who will hit you with the classic “git gud”.

I honestly had hope that this game could change, but it won’t. Armour 3.0 brought some great changes to tanks, but AT still ruins it. Rambos will still camp in your spawn, follow you all across the map and seek to ruin your day even if they make 0 credits. A common counterargument is “Just go play Tank vs Tank”. Well, I would, but tankers also have AT…so when I play this mode, I always encounter players leaving their tank and just using AT or players camping the objective playing as infantry even though the mode is tank vs tank….so yea very fair Reto -_-

So, in short, don’t waste your time on this game. If you really want to play as infantry, Enlisted is available, and it’s free. You’re interested playing as a tanker? War Thunder, World of Tanks, etc etc. There’s plenty of options out there just don’t bother with garbage such as Heroes and Generals, the player base is slowly dying, and nothing will ever change.

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