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Heroes Academia Auto Farm Roblox Script

3 years ago
Heroes Academia Auto Farm Roblox Script

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About Heroes Academia:

I’ll just be focusing this review on that aspect of the game. I’ve been playing this game for give or take 2 years now (on and off), and if I’m honest…nothing has changed or will change. I started off playing as infantry and unlocking everything for each faction, even spending a few bucks here and there for gold (the game’s premium currency). I did this because I enjoyed it; however, it gets old very fast.

f you want to experience progress while playing a first-person shooter and put effort into improving yourself by specifying every weapon and soldier for its own purpose over several matches, H&G is your game.

2. about the game

It´s a free to play first person shooter but not pay to win. Unlike CoD or BF your actions in every battle have an impact on many more battles … at least if you play the “war mode” (which is the main battle mode). In every war battle up to 20 players per team fight each other. If you have trucks, tanks or planes available for your team depends on your generals which send troops to your battle. If you win your team will progress on the war map and maybe cap the enemy’s capital. “Random battles” are available too so you can play inf or tank only with even resources and without the pressure of a big war to win.
You can play as infantryman, recon, tanker, paratrooper or pilot but a good infantry wins every match. Your soldier will level up while you fight and unlock new weapons and improvements which can be bought by credits. Credits are the main currency in H&G and received with every battle you play. Credits are available for everyone and no pay-to-win. Real money is only used to skip grinding and doesn´t give you an advantage over those who don´t pay.
The game is updated regularly. Maybe some updates are completely unnecessary, but the game is obviously not dead and still receives new content every month.

3.my opinion with 2k hours of experience

It´s free to play but not pay to win. Every item can be unlocked without money. You can unlock “high tier weapons” with some effort but after all it´s a first-person shooter and skill is more worth than a slightly better weapon.

what makes me enjoy the game?

First: In my opinion the fun in H&G comes with the big war map which consists of hundreds of battlefields on which you fight. “Your actions matter” may seem a bit exaggerated but winning a war match may lead to a new attack line for your team which fights in the city nearby and therefore result in a big push on your frontline. It´s unlike a call of duty in which every match is played with different mates and has zero impact on any other match that follows. Sometimes you may see yourself completely outnumbered fighting 2000 inf, 100 tanks and 50 planes in the enemy team with only 300 infantrymen in your team but that just enhances the feeling of a big war and maybe next match you will Blitzkrieg the enemy back to their capital.

Second: You customize your soldier by unlocking and buying the weapons with the XP and credits you earned in your previous matches. That creates some feeling of connection between every match because you know how much work you put into unlocking the Stg 44 you are holding right now. It wasn´t given to you for free … at least if you haven´t picked it of a dead German. And as soon as you have gathered all the credits to buy your new MP it feels great.

Third: Teamplay is everything. You must defend your objective, attack the enemy, destroy tanks and hunt their APCs. Even as the best player you will lose if you don’t have a team you can rely on. It´s just too much for one person to handle. The first time you meet a full clan match of 20 players working together and get blitzkrieged in 4 minutes you will see. H&G is not the game where all work together perfectly from the first second but with some effort and communication you may get some cool moments of great teamwork. And teamwork is the most important even if you are the one who is planting mines everywhere to stop the enemies pushes!

Fourth: Every battle is different. There are 12 different maps with up to 4 km² but every battle is different. Maybe one time you are a tanker holding a bridge or you push in the city as soldier to snipe from the church tower or you even decide to skydive behind the enemy lines to stab them all in the back? The world is yours and that feels great!

After all this positive monologue here are a few things, I don´t like about the game because it´s far from perfect.

First: balance is not a thing in H&G. As a new player in war mode, you can encounter a clan of 20 veterans who will defeat you in two minutes and that sucks. Random battles where a good alternative to those try hard war matches but after they added bots, I don´t play them anymore cause the KI is ♥♥♥♥ which leads to number two:

Second: updates may happen regularly, but their priorities are sometimes completely wrong. The implementation of bots is just one example of many.

Third: there are no restrictions to special slots per team. As soon as plane resources are sent into a match you see half your team in the air and the other half is sniping or in a tank while the enemy is sitting in houses capping the objective and you lose … sucks too. Or on the other hans you attack a point and face 5 tanks, 5 snipers while being bombarded by 5 planes with only 2-3 regular soldiers remaining in the enemy team … not much fun for the attackers.

fourth: matchmaking sucks sometimes. It´s just frustrating to have a team of solo players who just want to have some fun fighting a clan of 20 players who try hard every match and defeat you after 2 min. Clan vs Clan or random vs random gamemode is not a thing in H&G.

4. Conclusion

H&G is a great game in which I spend more time than in all my AAA FPS with impressive graphics combined. It´s the gameplay that matters the most for me. To be honest in my 2000 hours I never saw an obvious cheater. Maybe some players use hax maybe not ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ if you have spent that many hours with the game, you just know how the recoil works. Most of those who complain about cheaters in this game are probably fresh players who get ♥♥♥♥♥♥ by veterans. I feel like that’s the most cheater free game I’ve ever played, and I guess that’s what matters for me.
Thx for reading this far. It´s 3:00 and I just felt like that’s the right moment to write a review for a game I played since 2014 and still enjoy.
In dem Sinne,
HansSchmeisser lässt grüßen.

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