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Gods Legacy Infinite Money Roblox Scripts

3 years ago
Gods Legacy Infinite Money Roblox Scripts

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About Gods Legacy:

After Playing through the Campaign with one of my old characters and a new Oathkeeper I think I’m ready for a review:

 Campaign: Forgotten Gods is not a continuation of the main storyline but rather a spinoff that focusess on the conflict between Kymon’s Chosen and the Order of Death’s Vigil with a pinch of eldritch gods. The narrative presentation is rather low budget but on the same level as the basegame and Ashes of Malmouth. If you’re looking for well developed characters and likeable NPCs you probably won’t find any. However, if you like reading lore in forms of notes and diary entries there’s plenty of things to discover. While picking different witch factions does make a difference in terms of exclusive quests and dialogue options I wished there had been some conflict in between the different cults, similar to the Kymon’s Chosen vs Death’s Vigil situation in the base game. Make sure to play Forgotten Gods after AoM unless you want to deal with a serious case of ludonarative dissonance.

 Presentation: The soundtrack is phenomenal as always with a very catchy main theme and an awesome track during the last bossfight. As far as the graphics are concerned there are some improvements in terms of creature and character design. However, compared to the detailed maps AoM had to offer Forgotten Gods falls realtively flat. We’ve had plenty of dry desert areas and Korvan Architecture in the basegame so in this regard the new expansion offers more of the same. The Eldritch realm however is a truly fantastic tileset that makes me hope for a future expansion set in the Eldritch realm. If you’re mainly buying the DLC for sightseeing purposes you might be dissapointed.

Gameplay: Forgotten Gods improves the Gameplay in pretty much every aspect. New Devotions and an additional mastery allow for a variety of new builds. Thanks to a new rune system every character can now equip mobility spells, making combat feel a lot more exciting. Grim Dawn’s combat is mostly centered arround two things. Don’t get cornered and learn to disengage early enough so that your health replenishes and you’re ready to get into the fight once more. Mobility spells greatly improve these mechanics and contribute significantly to the fluidity of combat overall.

 The Oathkeeper: What shall I say, “spin to win” whirlwind builds and retaliation tanks seem to be what most people will use the Oathkeeper for. Personally, I picked Oathkeeper in combination with Demolitionist, maxing firedamage wherever possible. I started out using a shield but when I stumbled across my first Korvan Helberd I immediately switched to 2 handed melee combat. You see, the Korvan Helberd deals fire, electro, cold, etc dmg instead fo physical dmg. In combinatiion with my tons of +% fire dmg I have never had an easier time breezing through Veteran. I cleave through hords of enemies like a literal hot knife through butter. All that while looking absolutely fabulous in my new Korvan transmogs.

Shattered Realm: Now this could have been a part of the gameplay section but I feel like it deserves an entire section of its own. Shattered realms are infinity dungeons similar to Diablo III’s greater rifts. However so far I have found them to be much more enjoyeable and rewarding due to certain mechanics that add a strategic component to them. There are shrines and pickups that allow you to temporarily buff your character as well as random mutators that change enemy as well as player stats. In addition to that, many shattered reals shards offer unique minigames like “the floor is lava” or “activate X levers”. Descening deeper and deeper into the shattered realms while constantly fighting a race against time is a very entertaining way of grinding for loot. And the fact, that you can earn additional skillpoints as well as unique runes and armor in the shattered realm doesn’t hurt either.

 Various Quality of Life improvements. You can now transfer money from one character to another, transmute one set piece into another setpiece (which finally helped me to complete the Ultos set after almost 500 hours of gameplay) and there’s a well thought out lootfilter that makes grinding for specific items a lot less tedious. I’m still waiting for an autopickup feature for crafting materials though.

Verdict: If you ‘re a casual Grim Dawn player who’s only there to check back on the story and new visuals then Forgotten Gods probably won’t be worth the 15 bucks. However, if you enjoyed the earlier installments fo the franchise beyond the time it takes to clear the story or if you’ve never played Grim Dawn before I highly recoomend you to buy this DLC. With the release of Forgotten Gods Grim Dawn is now a game that’s pretty much 100% featurecomplete. Whatever you could possibly want from an isometric hack’n’slash ARPG this games has it.

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