El Paso, Border Patrol Roleplay kill All Roblox Scripts

2 years ago
El Paso, Border Patrol Roleplay kill All Roblox Scripts

El Paso, Border Patrol Roleplay kill All Roblox Scripts Download Free Roblox Exploits Hacks And Cheats For Roblox Games Best Roblox Codes And Scripts.

About El Paso, Border Patrol Roleplay:

This is the first game I have wanted to have a refund on. I have played 15 hours trying to give it a chance.
This game is a full game but should be early access.
The controls are choppy and buggy.
Car cam keeps moving when on free look also. The tire cam 3rd person cam and the side cam should be in a photo mode not in the play. The cams make it hard to use police computer then switch to pull car over. You cant see your speed unless you are inside car cam, you can only use the computer when in car cam, but you cant use the pull over siren while in car cam.
With sirens on someone runs into the side of the car you loose points. I have arrested someone and had it bug and loose all progress. If your shift ends in a call you lose all progress. It is the same calls over and over.
The amount of times I tried to get evidence and pulled a car over or was doing a traffic stop day then arrest someone for dui then have there car towed to lose points I went from 100% to 0 in one shift due to this bug, or call a tow truck to be sent back to office only to have it not take evidence.
I have so many more bugs.

Pretty fun to play, patrol the streets taking down bad guys, crime scene investigating. Not many stores to explore but a few secrets to find while roaming around the areas.

How to run El Paso, Border Patrol Roleplay roblox script / Exploit /Code / Hack and cheat

  1. Download The Exploit (How To Download Guide)
  2. Make Sure You Don’t Download Any Advertisements
  3. Run The Script Via Your Favorite Executor App (Zeus, Delta, Furk Ultra etc)
  4. Enjoy 🙂

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