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Dungeon Quest Gui Roblox Script

3 years ago
Dungeon Quest Gui Roblox Script

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About Dungeon Quest:

Quest of Dungeon originally got my attention simply for the funny trailer, however as I sank a few hours in, I felt like it was the devs that got the last laugh. This is not worth your money at all. And here’s why in this long list of issues.

-The game is overly simple. The game throws at you ton food items that any experienced Roguelike player would expect them to serve a greater purpose aka hunger. Here, their only purpose is simply to (restore a bit of HP). They are basically just lesser Health Potion. Also, The only strategy involved with any character is to spam skills whenever they are available. There’s no wands of teleport or rings of polymorph to be found here. No fun silly deaths that you’d find in other roguelike eitheir. Here. Your deaths will be solely attributed to dying to a boss you shouldn’t have tackled yet. (But you had no way of knowing prior).

– One design choice of other turn based Roguelike is to walk or pass a turn to restore HP, usually you can fast foward this to make this take second and you can’t do it forever or you will starve. In this game however. It becomes a gigantic issue that ruins replayability.

As the Warrior. You gain a very small chunk of HP by walking 5-6 steps. It takes about 2 minutes of walking back and forth aimlessly in a room to be fighting fit again. THIS IS THE OPTIMAL WAY OF PLAYING. THE GAME ENCOURAGES YOU TO DO SO SINCE THERE’S NO HUNGER SYSTEM. So if you’re playing on Hard difficulty. You’ill want to save as many health potion as possible for later. So after every encounters. You should be ready to do the tedious task of regenerating HPs. By walking in a circle around the room. Also, enemies that doesn’t appears within your view range just doesn’t move at all. So you’ill never be taken by suprise by doing this tedious task. By the way, The Mage character only restore MP while walking around, not both. Enjoy the tedious task of spinning right ’round the rooms for MP instead of HP.

Now I want you to picture this: You open a door, a boss appears a few square away. You use any skills available to prepare for the encounter such as Defense Skill and the Warrior’s Shout Skill that can stun an enemy for a long time. You manage to stun the boss, you go in for the kill, inexplicably miss thrice. Then the boss acts, he gets a critical hit. You took half you HP bar on that one crit. You get out of the boss room into the other square shaped room you came from, then walk in a circular motion around the room as the boss tails you the entire time without any way of actually hitting you, since nothing will ever come and block your path. You keep turning around the room for a solid 2 minute to replenish all your HP. Then go in for a hit, you hit the boss a few times and so does he, your HP are at critical. Which only means… More of the silly cat and mouse chase around the room until your HP bar is full again

-Quest of Dungeon encourages grinding, as much as possible to progress. The anwers to everything is just to have a stronger character instead of having more knowledge then a less experienced player. The only thing to learn are the way to cheese the skills you learn trough randomly dropped books. Basically. All the Warrior’s skills has a cooldown after use. (He doesn’t have MP to worry about) Let’s say your Bleeding Hit skill failed on the boss, You now have a 50+ turn cooldown before you can use it again. You know what that means? You’re gonna be running around in circle around the room some more until the skill is available again! Superb! 10/10 gameplay right here. Also on a lesser note, trough the dungeons are stones that activates quest. But there’s only 2 variety of quest. Quest A: Kill that boss. Quest B: Find an item that just randomly spawned around the dungeon. Both serves the only purpose of making you revisit the entire floor again with a vague hint of (The item or boss is situated north). You HAVE to do these quest if you want to survive on Normal or above. Pretty lackluster for a game called Quest of Dungeons.

Now on to the smaller stuff…

-Unlimited skill slot, at no point you will have to make a choice of having a healing spell above stun effect spell. The only anwers is just to read all the spell book you can find until all further books you find becomes (Book of Nothing) which you can sell to the merchant for a quick buck.

-Pointless traps that are always in plain sight. In other Roguelike, traps would be invisible to the player until they stepped on it, or had a method of finding them. Here, you will want to step on the spawn monster trap. So you can grind more XP.
Also the game features props like a shelves, pots, boxes and other thing that can be destroyed or search for gold or items. And sometime breaking a pot will inexplicabably trigger a trap that makes enemies spawns from the ceiling. (I guess these skeletons were really pissed I just broke their favorite pot?) One last thing about special tiles. There are invisible stash that can be walked on that yeild more gold, but those are stumbled only trough pure luck, or walking on every tiles of a dungeon. But you’d have to be crazy to do that.

-Equipement makes no friggin’ sence. Very rarely weapons has additional attributes like (More gold) or (2+ Crits). There’s a multitude of weapon sprite, however, that sweet crystal shield you just found could be beaten by that random wood buckler you had laying around in your inventory stats wise. Don’t get me started on the equipement name etheir. In the same playtrough, I’ve got two exact looking pair of boots. One was named (The Boots) with 12 point of DEF, the other pair was named: (Damaged Boots) with 16 points of DEF.

This is explained by the fact that all piece of equipment you find seems to have random generated names, it slaps random adjective to the item, so you’ill get things like (Dark Sigil Sword Seeker). Way to confuse new players to think there’s actually depth to be found here.

-Enemies with ranged capacities are the bane of your existence. And if it’s a boss with spells or a bow. Run, and pray that you don’t get immolated by that fireball or get a random crit from that arrow. You can ultimately trick them to follow you around the room like other melee bosses, but first you got to walk up to them, and by then you’re already on the brink of death.

-Item menu, as far as I know, cannot be used with arrow keys or keyboard imput, you have to use your mouse. Same goes for choosing a skill. It would have been nice to be able set the skills to the F1-F6 keys instead of clicking the spell book every time you want to switch.

-Along gold, you’ill find gems along the way, there’s at least 8 or so sort of gems that are worth maybe 15 to then 20 GP each. Each kind of gem stack with each other, but if you find 6 sort of gems in a row and you’re short on inventory space, you’d rather just leave that gem there and avoid the clutter, because ultimately, finding just one random piece of equipement will make those gems feel like chum changes when you realise that even the worst shield can be worth 1000+ GP.

-Enemies sometime spout some random lines like: (The cake is a lie) or (You should have taken the blue pill) or even worst (I am your father). Too bad that the humor stops the moment you step in the dungeon. Because the trailer and intro was really funny in comparaison.

-Your sprite will never change to reflect the equipement you’ve equipped and that’s really unfortunate and lazy.

– Last and more important. It’s a roguelike where you have to grind and it’s never fun to die.

Ultimately, I can’t recommend this game to veteran or neophytes alike. At best this game is a good distraction while watching something on the side or eating…

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