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Driving Simulator V1.04 Auto Farm Gui Roblox Script

3 years ago
Driving Simulator V1.04 Auto Farm Gui Roblox Script

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About Driving Simulator:

If you want a world to drive around in and explore with cargo on the back and visions of long, hard motorway drives cross country borders: Get ETS 2 and avoid this.

If you want technical driving, testing your skills at low speed manoeuvers and slowly squeezing yourself through tight gaps having to focus hard: Get THIS and avoid ETS 2.

Nothing more to be said, really – graphically, physically and in pretty much all regards, this is very nearly the same game as ETS 2. Only difference is as stated above. This: A technical truck driving simulator. ETS 2: An open truck driving simulator. This doesn’t have any managerial aspects (running your own business) but ETS 2 does.

One thing I will add though. I think this game would have been better served as a DLC of some kind.

A neat little game, hidden in between ETS2 and ATS. SCS were known for their many truck sims before the big breakthrough which was ETS2, and this being before the release of ETS2, a demo if you will and you can tell that, it has all the correct ingredients of a great game, but they were not as polished as what ETS2 is.

The Graphics –

The graphics are about what you’d expect for 2012 SCS – they’re not quite what we have today but they’re not exactly ETS1, an in-between. Good enough for what the game sets out to do and for the era.

The Controls –

Controller support is great, I hooked up my Logitech g920 and it worked right out of the box with this game, i’m sure this is the same for all other wheels/gamepads.

The Gameplay –

Oh the gameplay, it’s what lets it down. SCS you were so close to having a great game, I know it was only a tech demo of the upcoming ETS2 but you were so close… at the core is of this game is the driving, and its what lets the game down, it genunely feels like you’re driving a boat…hell more like a ship, and a ship on ice at that, the steering is just ugh, a let down from what we’ve came to expect from SCS but I also fully understand this was before ETS2.

Gamemodes –

There’s a few game modes on here from which you can choose from, Drivers license, Drivers Competition, Dangerous drives, Freeform driving and Time reaction test, my personal favourite being Dangerous drives. I would kill for this to be a game on its own from the quality we come to expect from SCS today, or a DLC for ETS2 or even just a free update to ETS2. Dangerous drives is the best part about this game and I revisit it every now and then since iv’e owned it back in 2014. Flood is my personal favourite and its rather fitting since the truck physics act like a ship lol. But getting to drive in all these cool environment is awsome, I wish we would get some sort of flood setting in ETS2.

Overall, if you’re a fan of SCS this is definitely a neat little gem in SCS’s history, I 100% recommend even if it’s not the greatest game out there.

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