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Dinosaur World Be Any Dinosaur Roblox Scipt

3 years ago
Dinosaur World Be Any Dinosaur Roblox Scipt

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About Dinosaur World:

POSTED: 19 APRIL, 2019
It is that time again that Frontier has added new DLC to Jurassic World Evolution. It’s been months the Cretaceous Dinosaur Pack’s release and only one of the three dinosaurs (Iguanodon) have been well received by most. However, I can say with confidence that all three dinosaurs are worth the price. I will go over each of their profiles, my opinions on them, and an overall score of the entire dinosaur pack.

A dinosaur who’s made a brief mention in the very first Jurassic Park movie finally makes its debut into the game. It is one of the smallest carnivores in the game but has a distant connection

This dlc came out alongside the 1.7 patch, a update that was described as being small and having no surprises, and honestly, this dlc was a surprise and I love it!

These DLC packs don’t add any kind of gameplay change, that’s what patches released along side them are for, what these packs do is add 3 new dinosaurs and I’m happy with the Herrerasaurus, Acrocanthosaurus, and Proceratosaurus, the Acro especially.

Also, the carnivore pack was purely made because of community requests, the Herrerasaurus and Acrocanthosaurus where very highly requested, they do listen, the next update will be bigger and hopefully satisfy more people.

A worthy addition to the dinosaur roster of the game, and priced the same as the Cretaceous Dinosaurs Pack which is a reasonable price to pay for this DLC. You get 3 carnivores in this pack, all of which are pretty different and unique in their own way, as well as adding the Acrocanthosaurus, a fan favourite that a lot of people were asking for.

So, starting off with the Acrocanthosaurus since we’re here. It’s a big fat carnivore and I love it! It’s big and looks like it ate too much but that’s why it’s fun! It’s a good large carnivore to flesh out the super predators roster with. I personally wasn’t interested in getting it in the game but I know a lot of people were so I’m glad it’s here. The Herrerasaurus is the oldest dinosaur in the game, which is instantly a good claim to fame. Hailing from the Triassic period, the Herrerasaurus is a small carnivore and worthy of a spot in the roster for its age alone. You can have a whole pack of them running about a desert landscape to really feel like you’re travelling back to the Triassic. Very worth it. The Proceratosaurus is the most visually pleasing of them all to me personally. It has a crest on its head which looks great with some of the skin variants (vivid skin pattern especially) which makes it very nice to see running about. It’s the smallest dinosaur out of the three but its claim to fame is being a distant relative to the Tyrannosaurus. The first Tyrannosaur is a good claim to fame and I’m happy to see it here!

Overall, very much worth it. Some of them have unique animations and they all look great, as you’d expect. They’re all unique and most importantly, they’re all different in sizes. There’s something for everyone here, with different sized dinosaurs to keep both the small, medium and large carnivore fans happy. All the dinosaurs have some claim to fame that makes them a good thing to get for your park and they’re worthy additions to the game, all at a reasonable price!

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