Dawn Of Aurora Back Stage Release, Multi Hake Roblox Script

2 years ago
Dawn Of Aurora Back Stage Release, Multi Hake Roblox Script

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About Dawn Of Aurora:

After buying this route, I can’t believe the effort these devs put into this. The horns and bells (besides the locomotive’s) felt so fresh, and the crossing bells were amazing too! The cars even had good detail put into them! It was a shame you couldn’t get the logos, but everything was amazing! I’d recommend it to everyone! I also compared this to real life because I went on a round trip to the end, and everything looks exact to the real thing! Even the burlington caboose I saw irl at the Aurora station is there, and the Dupage Children’s Museum is actually there in Naperville! This is amazing!

Aurora, IL is my hometown and I’ve spent many hours riding Metra to and from downtown Chicago, as well as driving up and down the Fox River.

The layout in this is stellar, the landmarks are all there, you can even see the Leland Tower and the Hollywood Casino in downtown Aurora. The wayside warehouses are exactly where they should be. It’s like living out my childhood fantasies of driving a train around town! If only BNSF would license stuff again for TSW.

Seeing I live in the general location of this line I can say from first hand experience this route is the truth. Now yes its a downer a bit that we are not getting the Metra logos right when we purchase this DLC but if you do a quick search in the Railworks America forums you will find a link to were you can download the logos and add them into the route quick and simple. As well I would have to say the physics are FUBAR. If the dev team can fix this and put a patch out I think we all would be happy. But, I would recommend this route to anyone who can look past small flaws, loves Midwest railroading, and or a Chicago Metra enthusist.

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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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