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Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Download Free

7 years ago
Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Free Download PC Game By Worldofpcgames

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About Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Pc Game Download Free:

Crytek once again delivered an outstanding first person shooter game, which is indeed the second major installment in the Crysis video game trilogy. Players will control Alcatraz as the main protagonist in Crysis 2 Maximum Edition free download, who is a Force Recon Marine soldier. The inventory system of Crysis 2 Maximum Edition free download is similar to its predecessor game, as players will be able to customize their gadgets and weapons. Unlike Far Cry and Crysis 1, players will be deployed in New York, allowing players to use more latest weapons and gadgets such as the new Camouflage gadget. Moreover, players will equip Nanosuit 2.0 in Crysis 2 Maximum Edition download free with single direct link, which is an outstanding armor and suit allowing players to avoid damage from foes and camouflage. Now get more full unlocked steam games with World of pc

Players will have to find out the weaknesses of Aliens in Crysis 2 Maximum Edition free download so as to beat them efficiently. However, if players fails to complete a missproton in Crysis 2 Maximum Edition free download, they will have to restart from the beginning. Players having lower system requirements can also run Crysis 2 game smoothly without any bugs or glitches. And respectively Maximum Edition is an expansproton pack for Crysis 2, which enables extra premium features. Shooting Games Free Download. And so conclusively in a nutshell, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition free download is my personal favorite shooting game. You can also download Crysis 3 Here. Lastly to conclude, players will also be able to play the multiplayer game mode in Crysis 2 as a bonus from the developers.

All in all, the game is worth playing even today. Story is solid, but with several holes… Example: It was established that the Ceph (Aliens) lived and survived in the water, ocean… Still, they (government) decides to flood the part of the city, to “kill the Ceph”. I finished the game on the Medium and also on the hardest difficulty (Supersoldier). To be honest, there is not much difference in the difficulty, and that is due to the suit. You can always use stelth mode to hide and skip sections, and even the armor mode feels too strong at the time, where you can stand still, and the damage that the enemy does is minimum.

Gameplay was interesting at the certan points, but I didn’t use a lot of binoculars and I didn’t strategy too much, as there was no point. As I mentioned, the stealth mode is to OP, so you don’t need to. I trully think that they f themself here, as they added cool featuress into the game, like strategy, thinking ahead, using binoculars to pinpoint your next move, etc. But, all of this is overshadowed with the Stealth mode from the suit.

Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Pc Game pre-installed:

I had some minor issues, and one automatic game shutdown. Also felt major FPS drop while in the fog/smoke, and I do have a beast for a PC, so I guess that it is the issue with the game for that part. All in all, game is worth playing, it is a bit different experience from usual FPS games, like Call of Duty, that is why it’s worth playing. Story is solid, even though there were holes. And by the time you start playing Crysis 3, you get to like Prophet as a character.

Nostalgia. This game was so awesome and literally so beautiful. On Ultra this game compares to games in 2022 to a degree imo. It’s a shame the MP is dead and you can’t even log in to play MP offline. The multiplayer was so good in this game and I loved every bit of it. The DLC you get with this game is 100% unusable now. They don’t even tell you that on the store page. Also sucks that there is no achievements when the console version has them.

he main strength of the campaigns of Crysis is their sandbox, unrestricted nature, and Crysis 2 is a step back from Crysis 1 and Warhead in this regard, as you run through cities with closed-in walls instead of trek through jungles. The guns and combat are as crisp and satisfying as they were in the first two Crysis games. It’s much faster to sneak around the enemy strongholds, going straight for the objectives, than it is to run roughshod over every enemy one-by-one.


Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Free Download Features:

  • Supports Nanosuit 2.0
  • Features New Gadgets And Expanded Storyline
  • Ultra Realistic Graphics
  • And Much More You Can Discover

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8.1/10
2 :: Processor: Intel Dual Core/AMD or better
3 :: Ram :: 2 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 09
5 :: Graphics:: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT/AMD Radeon HD
6 :: Space Storage:: 9 GB space

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