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Clicker Story Gui Roblox Script

3 years ago
Clicker Story Gui Roblox Script

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About Clicker Story:

I gladly finished all the achievements today, this clicker have its self aura. Very unique. Not only for the combination about Rpg features as the skill trees, it have an Story that is worth understanding. However, despite I really liked I must say, there are some changes that the game need as soon as possible,

First, at the Skill tree screen, you cannot see what higher skill does, normally, when you place your cursor on one of the icons, a short information appears, that can help you, in order to plain a build, that will be your companion at some point in the adventure. In Grim Clicker all the progression that you could make in Str, Agi, and Int is blind, since the start.

Second, I will add login rewards in order to have better gear, the only way is farming chest due to reincarnation or buying shards with RM.

Last, probably the devs already notice it, but this game have a lot of potential, adding an option or Realm to invade other player worlds, would be a good options to introduce PvP to this clicker. Our character cannot die, or cannot be hurt in any sense, but from now on I hope the devs introduce other options to make this game more unique that it is. Thank you.

For all of this i rate this game as ★★★★☆ or 8/10.

Fun builds and interesting mechanics make this clicker game interesting enough to keep on while I’m at work.

The different builds you can develop, depending on item availability, wax availability, and shard parameters is interesting. It’s fun to push deeper into a tree than before and see what new things await you, and it’s very satisfying to get a build to finally click.

However, the premium currency funnel, as well as it’s price, is a little brutal at times. The game

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