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Clicker Madness Free Hub Roblox Scripts

3 years ago
Clicker Madness Free Hub Roblox Scripts

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About Clicker Madness:

 Clicker Madness  is certainly not bad, in terms of clicker games. Even now, in that Early Access beta-testing state, it is quite a decent clicker game. However, it suffers from one serious conceptual flaw, which seriously ruins my gameplay immersion.

In short, there is just too much clicking.

I should probably end this review on that deep thought shared, but I actually dare to expand it.

You see, the game process is all about one grim character moving between the worlds and killing things there, presumably getting better with every step forward. And of course, the standard thing for this kind of gameplay is about some ‘restart’ procedure, where you sacrifice your current character development progress in change for some permanent cool upgrades. But. Every time you process that ritual, you need to start over all character skill points redistribution. Over and over again. And when the current ‘world’, 40 or 50 waves of enemies usually, is over, your character is reset again. And then you move through some ‘shards’, aka ‘worlds’, every time your skill redistribution process starting over and over. Then you jump into the black hole to change the galaxy, and guess what? You need to start all over from the scratch again.

So, my gaming experience was mostly not about completing some quests, overcoming some game challenges, and stuff like that. No, it was all about redistributing character skill points, on the same screen, over and over. Without actually caring anymore about the real application of those ‘skills’ I’ve gathered again. Every skill point applying needs a single deliberate click, so there is no chance to automize that process.

I can’t welcome that approach. Too many total resets of the whole gaming process, with the need to spend too much time reinstalling the very same small details of the character progress… Only to lose it again after a short while.

Just recently I’ve played somehow much better idle/clicker game, Idle Slayer, which basically looks and plays mostly the same – except the fact it does not bother you with so many repeatable iterations for the very basic skill redistribution. Plus, Idle Slayer provides more of the actual active gameplay, with those platform jump sequences. So, out of two options, I would certainly not picked Grim Clicker. On the other hand, clicker/idle gameplay is always too repetitive and boring in the long run, so I don’t exactly recommend any of such games. Just noting that some of them perform better than others.

To sum it all up, I can only repeat – Grim Clicker is certainly not a bad clicker game. Decent visuals and cool, even if too repetitive, soundtrack, easy to catch gameplay basics, and many-many worlds up ahead, to progress our character. The developer can slightly sweeten the pill of that constant character skill point redistribution, by adding the possibility to distribute skills, not only by 1 per click but also by 10 and 100 per click. However, to my personal taste, the game is still flawed too seriously in the basic concept, to recommend it even for the clicker games adorers. But… that’s just me! Plus, the game is freeware and still developing, so you can always try it yourself and make your own opinion.

My mark is only 5.3/10, though.

How to run Clicker Madness roblox script / Exploit /Code / Hack and cheat

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  3. Run The Script Via Your Favorite Executor App (Zeus, Delta, Furk Ultra etc)
  4. Enjoy 🙂

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