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Bubble Gum Simulator Pet Notifier Roblox Scripts

3 years ago
Bubble Gum Simulator Pet Notifier Roblox Scripts

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About Bubble Gum Simulator:

Needs more content but this is EA so that’s understandable. Has the potential to be THE go to demo for really young kids and those people who i demo to that just don’t get it and can’t seem to fathom how to use any controller functions.

Can you bend your right forefinger? Can you wave the fan in your left hand? Yes?? Well, you can play this.

Changing my review after showing this to my parents, who are nearly 80 years old. They loved it and spent more time interacting with it than other, more complex demos I’ve shown them.

A few minutes of ‘gee that’s nifty’ entertainment and that’s pretty much it. Good demo for youngsters or people very new to VR. A few more ways to interact with the particles or controls to adjust their behavior would be a nice addition.

Sadly this game wont start for me, not sure why I did notice someone else in the reviews had the same issue, it must be a specific set up which causes it so don’t be put off by my review and if it crashes for you just get a refund.
Shame really, it looked like something my kids (and me 🙂 ) would have enjoyed.
gtx 1070, windows 10 x64 bit, 16gb ram, i7 3770 3.40 gb cpu.

My three-year old loves playing this. He just spent 20 minutes blowing bubbles and swatting them around with the fan. Hopefully there is more additions planned for this game. Looks like more “fans” will be coming later. Changing sizes of bubbles would be neat too.

Some sort of option or launch param to up the bubble count for those of us with more powerful machines would be nice too.

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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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