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Bubble Gum Sim New Gui Use Before Event Ends Roblox Script

3 years ago
Bubble Gum Sim New Gui Use Before Event Ends Roblox Script

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About Bubble Gum Sim:

This game has put me through mental stages and slanderous abusive words via a woman the size of a tic tac. Now, I like women, but never have I wanted to assault a woman till this day (Specifically this one). I believe this has been my halting point of anime, as apparently one can now move beyond the 2D scenes and firmly plant your hands into a small 18+ yr old woman’s boba goddess breasts and commit thievery by stealing leaves from their neck, summoning milk via ringing her bell, groping their hair to grab boba, and unfortunately you cannot grab the sugar or limes from this woman as I wish this was a feature. The mocap in the end was splendid as I imagine a man doing this, but alas it was a woman. That is all, you should purchase this game to help you end addictions and commit PTSD events. Devs if you read this splendid work and let me know when I can pull more from this woman with different costumes, and or allow me to access that vault behind her. Also, one should be able to work at the robotics center to avoid the abuse.

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This game was a really fun experience, there were some big problems, though.
1. I can’t fit more than two pearls in a drink most of the time, and that’s IF I don’t add ice or sugar.
2. I can’t seem to change/recenter the rooms play area, is my back supposed to be at my wall?
If I’m anywhere but my back to the wall, I am phasing into the wall
I recommend having the room fit whatever size the users play area is, to a degree, if possible.
3. If you stick your hand in the sugar jar (without grabbing) it duplicates sugar cubes insanely fast…
4. When pouring from cup to cup, it takes a little too long for it to finish after i am done pouring? is the lag supposed to simulate fizzing or is it unintended?
I feel like this game could have the shop customized by the player at some point, and somehow implement upgrades.
Maybe have an ice maker machine and not just have a ton at your disposal? a lime cutter that takes time?
Have the player be more than a part timer so he is more involved with the shop? or become more important?
Some things IMO can be improved, like the customer appearances and animations
(I played with valve index controllers)

I found it hilarious how if you fail (or get all 5 orders failed) how she says “what are you, a ♥♥♥♥♥♥?) wasn’t prepared for that

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