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Breaking Point Easy Money Farm Roblox Scripts

3 years ago
Breaking Point Easy Money Farm Roblox Scripts

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About Breaking Point:

‘All hope abandon, ye who enter here’ – Dante Alighieri

This UNITY game is a first person view survival short where you will encounter many perma-death proximity obstacles ranging from fire, water, electrocution & those creatures who hate fast food (yes you, speed-runners!) the arms out in front of them Zombies! Your aim is to find your sister but, most frustratingly for the impatient Gamers, staying alive!!

The surroundings and assets are decent meanwhile don’t expect any Oscar performances from the Zombies because they seem to be just calling it in, I even noticed if you find a safe spot and stand still they will keep social distancing and happily admire the burning wreckage everywhere. Be warned though, if you aren’t in a safe spot they won’t think twice of playing Tag with you just don’t expect to be alive at the end of the game.

The Menu is straight forward there is: Start, choice of 3 languages and Exit; while in-game the ESC pauses the game and shows you the controls which are your typical UNITY ones but, oddly, there is no effects or sound options? Personally, I’d suggest having a screen resolution option alongside adding a sound & effects menu choice as it plays in full screen.
The sounds are limited to timed events such as a car crashing from within a tunnel and a repetitive car-alarm (which would seriously benefit from being muted as a choice) outside of this the other main effects are the zombie growls and movements.

The store-page suggests the game completion as 20-30minutes which may be achieveable if you know what you’re doing but, considering there are no save points or checkpoints, you will find any perma-deaths mean you will be repeating your game-play from the starting point.
Admittedly, this game is a trial and error speed run of figuring out which areas are death spots and working out your safest route to finding your lost sister but personally I’d like to see a checkpoint at minimum as many players will find the repetitive restarts tedious and quickly lose interest.

There are achievements in this game which reflect the funny death variations and 1 that is for the speed-runners but beyond that this game would cater to players who can laugh at the many ways to die yet not get bored of attempting to problem solve the route to the ending.

Overall, for a first game the developers have gone for a pick up & play that, much like physics games, you don’t expect the world from yet you can get a short burst of enjoyment from it as long as you don’t go in gung-ho expecting never to die!! This is meant to be a fun perma-death problem-solver that isn’t meticulously story-driven or doesn’t provide you with any means to defend yourself instead all you can do is get from A to B remembering to avoid areas that previously killed your character then you can save your sister!!

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