BOOGA BOOGA Hit Box Expander Script Roblox Script

3 years ago
BOOGA BOOGA Hit Box Expander Script Roblox Script

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within 4 hours of playing, this is one of the most fun games i’ve played in years. fistful of frags is great, it has atmosphere, you can go on a bloodbath but it isn’t as fastpaced compared to this game. This game defines chaos at it’s core. It’s a shame the last update seems to have been in 2016 but the fact that it still manages to get a quick full server of 16 people is alright with me. Tons of official servers that could be revived. Anyways, great game.

A very fun and engaging game, with action movie protagonist stereotype gameplay, consisting of various stunts, dual wielded pistols, explosions (sadly, limited at best, all you have is hand-grenades and your gun bullet firing mechanism), and the ultimate retcon ability to come back to life in a matter of seconds.

Though playing it sometimes the spawns were not the best and being spawned near an enemy isn’t exactly the greatest (most likely due to the fair amount of players), I still think it is deserving of vac secured servers and a larger playerbase.

(also I will admit that I haven’t played it for too long and I plan on maybe rewriting this when I play more)

The game is great despite having some rough edges.However I wouldn’t recommend it because of the hackers poisoning the (very) few available servers.You might have a good time and then someone joins and kill everyone with punches only, resulting in a frustrating experience. I suspect this is one of the reason not a lot of people play this game.

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