Bomb Simulator Auto Update, Multi Area Farming Roblox Script

2 years ago
Bomb Simulator Auto Update, Multi Area Farming Roblox Script

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About Bomb Simulator:

How i would summarize my experience: Short, repetitive and way too easy.

Even though the premise of the game is good, the implementation is severly lacking at the moment.

The various gameplay systems feel very disconnected.
Skills have no real reason to exist espeacially since they only give small, inconsequential benefits and because they are reset on every death.
Hacking, Decrypting, Lockpicking and Bomb defusal all feel like minigames from a mobile game, espeacially because there are so few/no variations to the minigames so it gets repetitive very quickly.

Finding clues is also just repetitive because its so easy since all spots are marked in the hud.

The timers feel random both in when they appear and how long they are especially because they are way too long to be of consequence.

The puzzle aspect is kinda good though.

Can’t say I can really recommend it as is, I beat the game in 2 and half hours with no deaths. Mechanics for all the bombs except landmines are really simple (watch light, cut the color wire the light turns, repeat). There is the promise of an interesting game there though, and I hope as they continue to update that there will be more challenging puzzles and bombs to defuse.

Edit – Mar 30 2021

The devs of this game seem to be commited to listening to the players and reacting to their input. After my initial review, I was contacted by the devs and we spoke about what could be improved. I’m looking forward to seeing some of the changes implemented and can’t wait for the harder difficulty

How to run Bomb Simulator roblox script / Exploit /Code / Hack and cheat

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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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