Blox Fruits Level Farm – Auto Quests – Auto Raids Roblox Scripts

2 years ago
Blox Fruits Level Farm – Auto Quests – Auto Raids Roblox Scripts

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About Blox Fruits:

I have never gotten into this franchise but my wife asked if this was available for Vr a few weeks ago. I just saw it pop up on the Vive Subreddit (great community there btw) and purchased it to suprise her. So far…she hasn’t had a turn. Obviously….I had to test it first! It was much more fun playing than I ever thought it would have been. Not sure if it has to do with VR but I had a blast. Then I discovered the Arcade mode…thats even better!! I hear that the devs are going to put additional features, some new to the franchise for VR and that might add some additional value for the veterns. It runs great as well (using gtx 970). Be carefull though, I just broke my first wrist strap on my ceiling fan. Edited because I before E except after C…thanks phxrocker

Update 8/4/2016:

They just released a Survival mode and it so much fun! It is pretty hard as well. This is very different from any other version of Fruit Ninja and these little Helecopter baskets with a mounted cannon shoot fruit at you. Eventually, if you survive, more and more show up. The fun is when the bombs start shooting at you as well. Those you have to duck and dodge. Really fun and so worth the price!

Fruit Ninja is a classic phone game now in VR is awesome I definitely had to buy this even though it’s $15 just cutting fruit lol. Lots of fun and very well done there are various gamemodes and blades you can unlock and do. Online leaderboards and a great workout as well lol. Nice cartoony graphics and just overall good physics and a fun game to play.

+4 gamemodes
+Nice bright and colorful cartoony graphics
+Classic mode like the phone app where you have to cut fruit with consistent bombs popping up
+Zen mode which has no bombs nothing difficult just fruits which is nice and chill and a good way to practice combos
+Arcade mode which has occasional bombs but, several unique fruits with special abilities making it very different than the other gamemodes and a lot more entertaining
+Survival having a flying fruit basket shoots fruit and eventually bombs at you eventually getting more and more baskets shooting at you from a 180 degree angle.
+You can deflect bombs or throw them
+Combos and tons of way to earn points
+Online leaderboards and high scores for every level
+Works on practically all headsets
+Pause option and good settings
+Various different blades you can unlock and use that aren’t microtransactions!!! Yay!!! They’re unlocked from completing in-game achievements
+You can blow up or disable the fruit baskets in survival if you throw a bomb back at them
+Can view your challenges/achievement progress in-game
+The location constantly changes cycling through a day and night cycle as well as having different weather variations is really nice!

-The achievements are the only thing that annoyed me about this game with how time consuming and frustratingly hard several of them are made me contemplate deleting this game in entirety lol. Looking mainly at the achievement that requires you to cut 50,000 fruit total which is an insane amount and will require you to drop about 7-8 hours in the game in order to complete. Just a ridiculously long, tedious, and time consuming achievement that was just terrible to work towards. WHY!?!?! WHYYYY. Not only that but, the achievement that requires you to blow up a fruit basket with a bomb has to be one of the hardest achievements in VR history. My god. The fact that it takes forever for the baskets to shoot bombs but that most of the time you will die to the bomb or even if you can reflect it. It would always go downwards or go to a wrong angle then you would aim. So many attempts. So frustrating. So ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Just one of those achievements you just have to simply get lucky in order to pull off so annoying. Then there’s two achieves that require you to play the game specfically on Halloween and Christmas which are also kinda glitchy and can be unlocked outside of those days lol.

Honestly I love this game and it is fantastic and is so much fun. It is one of the best VR games out there and is incredibly fun. So many different gamemodes, tons of blades, tons of leaderboards. Overall a great game, tons of fun there are just some very annoying and frustrating achievements that I personally hated because of how time consuming and difficult they were. Besides that the game is flawless. Yes mate. Buy it.

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  3. Run The Script Via Your Favorite Executor App (Zeus, Delta, Furk Ultra etc)
  4. Enjoy 🙂

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