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Bad Business 2.53 Silent Aim Roblox Script

2 years ago
Bad Business 2.53 Silent Aim Roblox Script

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About Bad Business 2.53:

For the low, low price of around $1, Bad Business is an incredibly fun, top-down tactical shooter that comes with many different challenges, a level editor, and access to even more player-created levels. The game can be very hard to play if you aim to get 3 stars for every challenge but if your aim is to just clear the challenge, then you should have a fairly okay time playing this game… probably with a few levels requiring several – and I do mean several – restarts.

I snagged Bad Business because I typically enjoy difficult top-down shooters (e.g. Hotline Miami, etc.). Unfortunately, there are some issues here that make it a difficult game to recommend.

First of all, the camera – the isometric viewpoint makes it so there will always be areas that you can’t see as well as others. Although I’ll admit that an isometric camera is both more stylish and gives you more character detail, it’s not as precise for environmental information. You can move the camera around to try and get a better view, but this feels odd. Instead of aiming your character with your mouse, your mouse rotates the camera

Can be quite funny at times.
Of the artwork that exists, most of it is well done.
Clearly a larbour of love.
A fun and thoughtfull attitude towards sex.
A great concept/idea for a game.
Good character creator.
Good cast of characters.

Lacking gameplay, not very interactive
Lacking visuals, you mostly spend your time looking at the same one screen. Very litte of the world building is done throug visuals.
Unbalanced gameplay, it didn’t feel hard or challenging and the “office” building is completely useless. I had four executives working it from an early stage and couldn’t even get 1 single asset reward (which I did pour all my resources towards) before the game “ended”. So they just sat there doing basically nothing through the entire game. Unbalanced and very non-interactive.
A lot of time spent waiting, this game actually feels more like an idle game than a tycoon game
Not at all rewarding to go from playthrough to playthrough from a tycoon standpoint, you basically just start over. It would have been nice if some rewards or a level up system carried over or something along those lines so you could feel that you were growing/improving.
(Subjective/personal note) Could definitly do with more filth and naughty stuff. There is some, but most of it is written.
Not ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ finished apparently (the final ending gives you some quote about more to come)

How to run Bad Business 2.53 roblox script / Exploit /Code / Hack and cheat

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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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