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Full Version Ark Survival Evolved free download PC game multiplayer direct links DLC and updates. You can also free download Ark Survival Evolved PC game full repack and reloaded highly compressed for Android APK.

About Ark Survival Evolved PC Game Download Free:

Also stylized as ARK is an interesting open world action and adventure game based on purely survival tactics. Players will be deployed on an ultra realistic island with dinosaurs and prehistoric animals roaming freely. Moreover, there will be also passive humans on the ancient island of Ark Survival Evolved free download PC game. And yet another surprise or bonus players can get by completing side missprotons which is the availability of both second and third person camera settings. Players can also command animals and ride on them for means on transportatproton. Nevertheless, players will be able to use some basic weapons and crafting tools to survive on the island on Ark Survival Evolved download  Free with single direct link. Adventure Games Free Download Latest. Now get more full unlocked steam games with World of pc

The basic idea of Ark Survival Evolved free download PC game is mainly based on the concept of Survival Of The Fittest. In Ark Survival Evolved free download with multiplayer the developers have greatly focused on the visual appearance of animals and other creatures. At the initial stages of Ark Survival Evolved free download, players will have to build a basic base so as to rest and stay safe from other creatures while resting. However, in the advanced stages of the game, players can also attack other villages to capture them and expand their kingdom territory. You can also download other Adventure Games Here.

I have over 500 hours in this game on PS4, compared to a lot of ARK players I‘m still a noob, so if you aren’t ready to turn this into a full time job, don’t even bother thinking about getting this game. I’ll explain why this game is a full time job later on, but basically it punishes any player that can’t or won’t play it 24/7.

First I’ll talk about the PvE. I started playing PvE on a private server with friends and had tons of fun discovering everything there is to enjoy. We started on The Center, the biggest and in my opinion the coolest of the three maps. The beginning is the hardest part for new players. Every dino you meet can easily kill a noob, even the spitter dinos. It can be annoying running around naked and getting killed by raptors, but stick with it and find your friends and build a safe place. Once you get the base built, the game gets so much more fun.

Every new dino you find is cool, and it so fun the first time you get all your friends together and explore a cave. The most dangerous foes we encountered in PvE were the alpha predators. Our base got destroyed multiple times by alpha raptors, but it was fun because it showed us that even though we had a big base with spike walls and guard towers, there was still a threat out there that had to be beaten. Of course once you build a metal base nothing can break it anymore, and once you tame flying mounts you don’t have to worry about dangerous expeditions so late game it got boring.

We basically got to the point that nothing PvE had to throw at us outside of boss battles was a challenge, and even fighting bosses had no point because what would we use the tek gear to kill? Harder versions of that boss? That’s why we decided to turn to PvP to see if that was better late game.Pro tip, don’t PvP. Let’s walk through all the reason PvP is horrible.Alpha tribes are literally impossible for smaller tribes to fight. They have huge metal bases with hundreds and hundreds of turrets and plants that will mow you down if you so much as look at it wrong. You won’t be able to bring dinos to tank the turrets either, refer to 1.)

Offline-raiding. Just imagine working for 2-3 weeks building a pretty cool base completely surrounded by plant-x and taming about 20 dinos then logging on to see a smoking crater where your base was. You don’t get to save any of your gear, you don’t get to save any of your dinos, you don’t even get to fight back, it’s all just gone. This happens all the time, and honestly offline-raid protection should be baseline on all servers.

Battlemetrics. Alpha tribes and griefers use this website to figure out if you are online or not. If you log off for some reason, sleep or work or whatever, then they will know and they will raid you. They can even get text alerts that tell them the second you have logged off or on, or if anything else unusual is going on on “their” server. Basically, this site and sites like it are cancer. Also, it doesn’t tell them your in game name, but your steam name, that means even if you make another character they will know it’s you. Also, if you piss them off and try to go to another server, they can just look up where you went using Battlemetrics and come find you.

Ark Survival Evolved PC Game pre-installed:

There is no hiding and no escape, so you have to be nice and can’t even PvP or else some loser with no life is going to come and find you on every single server you go to. If you run into anyone named “123” and a private profile, BEWARE!. Breeding. Just another way to keep big tribes on top. They have huge metal air-conditioned rooms where they hatch 20 eggs at once, each hatched dino is gonna be 2x the level of anything a noob will have.

9.) Tek gear. If the fact that they have 2-3x better gear by monopolizing all loot crates wasn’t a big enough edge, if the fact that they have 2-3x better dinos by building huge breeding rooms wasn’t a big enough edge, now they get tek gear too. If they come at you with anything tek and you have baseline gear and baseline dinos, you are DEAD!

10.) Ark is a full-time job. You must log on every day to feed dinos or they will die. Breeding and imprinting are horrible and time consuming processes that I won’t even touch. You must log on every day to make sure you haven’t been raided, and you must grind harder than everyone else to make sure you have the defenses and dinos to stop raiders. Don’t bother, you won’t.

Firstly, this is NOT a skill based game. This is a grind based, offline raid based, exploit based game. You can’t come here and say I’m a noob, especially when I’ve played the game solo and as a small tribe for over 300 hours, and I joined an alpha tribe for a week or two so I know how it goes on a larger scale. My opinion actually got even worse after joining the alpha tribe because I realized just how bad the game panders to them. Here are some more reasons why I will never recommend this game to anyone that I found from my time with the alphas.

1.) Alpha tribes can grind resources WAY easier than a new player. Now, you would probably expect this. After all, they have more players so it is only natural that they could send 5 out to grind while your tribe could only spare 1. No, numbers isn’t even what I’m talking about here, I’m talking about EXPLOITS with a farming dino and a Quetzal. A noob with a hatchet can get 50-60 wood from a single tree. An alpha tribe can get 1500 wood from a single tree. A noob with a pickaxe can get 50-60 metal from a vein, an alpha tribe can get 300 metal from a vein.

Ark Survival Evolved Free Download Features:

  • Ultra Realistic Visual Effects
  • Best Game Concept And Gameplay
  • Survival Tactics And Strategy Greatly Required
  • And Much More You Can Discover

1 :: Operating System :: Windows 7/8.1/10 (Tested On 64bit versions only)
2 :: Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo/AMD or better
3 :: Ram :: 4 GB RAM
4 :: DirectX: Version 11
5 :: Graphics:: NVIDIA GeForce GTx 480/AMD Radeon HD
6 :: Space Storage:: 20 GB space

Turn Off Your Antivirus Before Installing Any Game

1 :: Download Game
2 :: Extract Game
3 :: Mount The ISO File
4 :: Install The Game
5 :: Copy Files From CODEX Folder And Paste Them In The Installed Game Folder (Important Step)
6 :: Launch The Game As Administrator
7 :: Have Fun 🙂

NOTE: Please install the updates in chronological order, and after install each update copy files from its codex folder and paste them in the installed game folder.

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