Anime Fighting Simulator Chikara Farm Roblox Scripts

2 years ago
Anime Fighting Simulator Chikara Farm Roblox Scripts

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About Anime Fighting Simulator:

its okay at best. Controls are defaulted to a weird setting instead of the normal WASD movement hence why one reviewer said u could only move right and down. Dude probably didnt know you could change keyboard controls. bruh moment. (options were also in french for some reason). But one you fix the controls, it does run “better”. That said, there are still a few bugs. and once you run out of ammo, thats basically it for you (so you better pray for some ammo drops). For the price, its alright. enjoyable until you get tired of the repetition.

If you want to play the game you have to fix the key bindings from SDXC back to WASD. The recoil on all the weapons just slowly move the camera to the right, hopefully this gets fixed to something a bit less obnoxious, like a wider area of damage instead, or just a wider accuracy range. For some reason the PISTOL deals more damage than the SHOTGUN when you deliver a point blank HEADSHOT to the enemies. This straight up weird having a shotgun require two shots to the head while a pistol only ever requires one headshot. The SHOTGUN doesn’t act like a shotgun, when you fire it at enemies it just acts like a weak pistol, only having its shot being registered by the enemy inline with your sight, zero spread shot. You can’t move backwards while firing your weapon, which is a little annoying as you have to crab walk everywhere when attacking the waves. When reloading the shotgun it will signify that you’ve loaded in a couple shells, but if you try and pull the trigger early thinking you’ve a least loaded 1 shell the reload process cancels, leaving you with an empty shotgun. This is a bit of a drawback because it feels like you should at least be able to fire off the shells that have been loaded in the reload sound. If you like detailed maps…… the TREES FLOAT above the ground. The map has 2 holes that lead to the outside of the giant crater. You can walk outside the crater and just tour around the outside for all eternity if you want, just beware that if you fall off the map you’re just stuck with a brown screen until you quit. The menu itself has a few bugs in it, one being once you enter into the settings you can’t jump to any other tab except the play tab. The pleasure mode side menu wont close no matter what, even if you press the CLOSE button, it wont close. If you try and pick up a ammunition box in Endless mode it will only refill the ammunition of the weapon you’re CURRENTLY on, so just take note of that if you’re trying to survive and not run out of bullets. The Normal game mode has 3 little areas where you can just jump on either a crate or a green storage unit and just pick off all the waves without any effort, so if you want to lazily pass the levels this technique works. If you get any of the enemies in Normal mode to stand near the green storage unit though there is a chance where they become untouchable no matter what, even if you’re firing at them from anywhere else on the map, their hit boxes just don’t register the shots. And last little problem I’ve found is that I couldn’t find the last GOLDEN UNICORN on Endless mode no matter what, I’ve searched the entire inside and outside of the map for two and a half hours and still couldn’t find it. If you’re trying to 100% the achievements on this game…… good luck. This review has been made when the game essentially just released so I’m hoping the developers look into these bugs. This game is only ~$2 so I guess some flaws are to be expected.

How to run Anime Fighting Simulator roblox script / Exploit /Code / Hack and cheat

  1. Download The Exploit (How To Download Guide)
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  3. Run The Script Via Your Favorite Executor App (Zeus, Delta, Furk Ultra etc)
  4. Enjoy 🙂

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