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Anime Fighting Simulator Chikara Autofarm Roblox Scripts

3 years ago
Anime Fighting Simulator Chikara Autofarm Roblox Scripts

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About Anime Fighting Simulator:

Review subject to change since early release full game play here:
but heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllll naw I’m kinda new to the anime girl genre actually bought this cause I thought it was going to be spinoff anime characters but it’s just 3 anime girls in bikinis who fight all the same way but zuzu or w/e her name is hits like god dang truck kun. The game doesn’t get harder it just spawns more enemies outside the final boss who can one punch man you into oblivion. Music is loud, repetitive, and terrible. No thicc plot. There’s a total of 7 attacks jump attack 3 punch combo 2 kick combo and ♥♥♥♥ punch while they’re on the ground you can’t even mix and match punches or kicks to get a different combo it’s always the same movements. game is long just because yukki and nikki are trash zuzu just smacks god out of the enemies world. Pause doesn’t actually pause the game. The UI doesn’t show your cursor which seems to be the only way to navigate the MENU game is really bad, until there are changes I definitely would not buy it even at the low price point.

As it stands, can’t recommend this. It is a good idea, and visually it has some retro/anime/cyberpunk character too it, but ultimately this plays like a game development test project.. or game developer version of a “quick sketch.”

Combat is too dull. If there were varied animations and progressive combos, both for your anime girl AND the enemies, this could provide some sort of basic, novelty challenge… but it does not have that.

The store page also claims 50 achievements… there are only 10.

Trying to access the menu in-game, also is… weird. you have a touch cursor circle that can be moved with the arrow keys, but can’t actually select menu items. Your mouse cursor will have disappeared.. it can still select stuff, but it is pure guess work on where your real mouse cursor is. That is another sign that this is not a proper game for publishing, but a learning project.. which is fine so long as you are aware that that is exactly what this is.

At the very least this should also have some basic support for a gamepad… it does not.

Again, visually there is potential here, it just needs to be developed into “more”… and as it stands, this game has practically no mechanics to justify its purpose as a “game.” As it stands there is not enough here to justify “early access” either.

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  4. Enjoy 🙂

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